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The current iteration of Jersey Shore is a kinder, gentler version of the OG series that focused on the fist-pumping, fluid-exchanging shenanigans of a squad of young(-ish) guidos cruising the boardwalk in search of a good time.

These days, the show is somehow both more dramatic and less intense.

Snooki Tears Up

Sure, Mike Sorrentino is currently in prison on tax fraud charges, and Jenni Farley’s divorce seems to get messier by the day.

But the insane, hair extension-ripping, duck phone-throwing altercations between the castmates are a thing of the past.

Or at least they were up until this week.

According to the video below, it seems the old feud between Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Angelina "Dirty Hamster" Pivanick boiled over in a big way this week:

In the clip, obtained by TMZ, Snooks can be heard screaming:

"Leave me the f–k alone, this is why I didn’t want to do this sh-t. Leave me alone!"

Nicole calls someone "f–king a–hole" and loudly complains that she wants to go home to be with her kids where she belongs.

She then remarks, "I hate this s–t," before storming off, tailed by two producers.

Snooki Drinks Wine While Breastfeeding

Now, Polizzi just gave birth on May 30, which partially explains why she would be so eager to get back to Casa de Snooks.

And a production insider has confirmed to TMZ that growing family obligations have made it harder than ever to film new seasons.

But it seems the demands of her career weren’t the only thing getting on Snooki’s nerves on the day in question.

No, according to TMZ, Snooki got into an intensely heated argument with Angelina Pivarnick just prior to storming out.

Angelina Pivarnick in Jersey

In a way, we suppose this is what producers wanted when they re-introduced Pivarnick to the cast.

But while we’re sure they welcome the drama, they’re probably not too big on the idea of a third-tier nobody like Angelina scaring off their top talent.

Fortunately, this story has something of a happy ending.

For starters, all is well in Guido Land, and the entire cast — including Snooki — was spotted filming on Wednesday morning, just hours after the fight.

Mike and Ronnie

On top of that, if the cast is filming a new season this close to the end of Mike’s sentence, it could mean we’ll be seeing the return of The Situation sooner than expected!

Mike is set to be released from prison sometime in the next few weeks.

He’ll initially be forced to reside in a halfway house, and it was widely assumed that he wouldn’t return to Shore until after he was home for good.

But now there’s reason to be hopeful that the originator of the "dirty hamster" burn will soon be able to put Angelina in her place.

If that’s not sufficient cause for some serious fist-pumping, we don’t know what is.