Mike Johnson: Peter Weber Would Be the "Safe" Choice for The Bachelor

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Even a month ago, there were rumors that Mike Johnson was already the frontrunner to be the Bachelor.

It makes sense. I mean, just look at him. Plus he has this whole charming personality.

But if you ask Mike, he plays it humble. In fact, he's rooting for Peter Weber, whom he calls the "safe" choice.

Mike Johnson smiles in ET interview

Mike Johnson has such a charismatic presence that it translates through the television, even when he's just sitting down for an interview.

He's also jarringly handsome.

He's well liked by the Bachelor Nation and already a fan-favorite to be the next leading man.

For now, he's playing coy, insisting that he's had no official talks about starring on The Bachelor.

As he reminds the world, he may already be engaged -- we haven't seen the end of Bachelor in Paradise, after all.

Peter Weber

But in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mike definitely has more to say than just gently insisting that he doesn't have the job (yet).

If he got to make the call, Mike says, he knows exactly who should be the leading man.

"I think the Bachelor would be Peter," Mike expresses.

"Based on [the fact that] history repeats itself," he says. "I think Peter looks the part."

"When he gets a 5 o’clock shadow," Mike adds. "He looks good too."

Mike Johnson: Will He Be the Next Bachelor?

"I think that Peter’s family is terrific," Mike continues as he heaps praises upon Peter.

"I’ve hung out with his brother," he reveals. "He’s awesome."

"His mom, you know, he’s got a little Spanish flair," Mike notes with a dazzling smile.

It's great to see the way that some stars of these shows end up bonding with each other off-camera.

Mike emphasizes: "I think that Peter and his family are just great."

Hannah Brown and Peter

He also thinks that Peter is a "safe" candidate for the role. But what does he mean by that?

That word has some shady potential.

"He'd be a safe Bachelor," Mike expresses.

He explains: "meaning that he won't do anything crazy obnoxious."

"I think it'd be a good, safe, clean season if he were the Bachelor," Mike concludes.

Mike Johnson Gets Interviewed

We don't think that Mike was shading Peter by calling him "safe."

We do, however, notice another part of this interview in which Mike appears to very gently shade The Bachelor as a franchise.

When he refers to history repeating itself, he may be making a nod to the fact that there has never in all of these years been a black Bachelor.

There has been one black Bachelorette -- Rachel Lindsay. 

This milestone is shamefully overdue, but producers have to be concerned that racist elements of the fandom may tune out.

Despite no shortage of drama and hotties, Rachel's season of The Bachelorette had lower than expected ratings. Racism is all too real.

Peter Weber Returns

Will Mike Johnson be the next leading man? Will Peter take the prize?

Honestly? Who knows. Producers and network folks love to try to surprise viewers despite fan theories and reliable spoilers.

They may choose someone who seems to be random simply to defy expectations.

But hopefully, they'll choose Mike. He's handsome, charming, and seems to be a wonderful person.

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