Most Supportive Father Ever Celebrates Son's Barbie Doll Purchase

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Are you ready to meet the most supportive father in parenting history?

His name is Mikki Willis and video of him and his two sons inside a car has gone viral.

They're on the way home from the toy store, inside which littleĀ Azai chose a Little Mermaid-themed Barbie Doll as his purchase.

Does this bother Mikki? Is he worried about his son going soft or acting too feminine? HECK NO!

"I let my boys choose their life," Mikki says into the camera, speaking on behalf of his wife and adding:

"We just say whatever...We say, 'Yeah, choose it!' Choose your expression, choose what you're into, choose your sexuality, choose whatever..."

Willis goes on to celebrate the doll along with his son ("YEAH!!!!") and addresses his children by promising to "love you and accept you no matter what life you choose."

We've joked in the past about dads who totally rule at parenthood. But this dad totally rules at parenthood.

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