Tyga is Broke?! Did He Blow All His Money on Kylie Jenner?

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You can’t Keep up with the Kardashians—or Jenners—unless you’ve got money.

And when Tyga gave Kylie Jenner a Ferrari for her 18th birthday, it seemed that he was definitely keeping up with the Kardashians.

But some are saying that the rapper is running out of money because he blew it all on his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

A source told Hollywood Life that Tyga is doing everything in his power to please Kim Kardashian’s little sister.  But Kylie is so spoiled, nothing will make her happy.

“Kylie is spoiled and used to getting what she wants,” the source said.  Of course, we aren’t surprised to hear this.

“She has basically never been told ‘no’ in her life. Tyga is having a hard time keeping her happy. Yes, he got her a $320,000 Ferrari but it didn’t have all the upgrades she wanted in it so she’s getting work done on it.”

The source added that Kylie is constantly asking for more gifts: “He buys her nice things all the time, but she’s only satisfied for a few days before she wants something else."

“She looks at luxury clothes and cars and home furnishings online all the time. Kylie could definitely buy herself almost anything she wants but she doesn’t like to spend her own money.”

“She’s used to people buying her things. Now that her parents aren’t doing it anymore it’s up to Tyga.”

We totally believe the rumor that Kylie is a spoiled brat.  She just turned 18-years-old, and she already has a $2 million mansion.

However, we aren’t sure if Tyga is going broke—yet.

But if he keeps buying her gifts like a $320,000 Ferrari, he will be out of money in no time.

It's hard to say what is true.  Some sources say that Tyga is draining Kylie's bank account.  We could probably all agree that no matter who is spending whose money, these be some rich b*tches who will probably never know what it is really like to be broke.

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