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Donald Trump was his usual self during a press conference that aired on CNN Tuesday night.

The leading Republican nominee for President took issue with Univision reporter Jorge Ramos when he stood to ask a question without being called on, telling the journalist off in front of a packed room.

"Excuse me. You weren’t called. Sit down," Trump said. "You haven’t been called. Go back to Univision."

Not long afterward, a security guard escorted Ramos away. (He was permitted back inside after about 10 minutes.)

"I don’t really know much about him. I don’t believe I’ve ever met him, except he started screaming," Trump later replied when asked about Ramos’ departure.

"You’ll have to talk to security…He just stands up and starts screaming, so maybe he’s at fault also."

According to CNN, Ramos was trying to ask Trump questions that centered on immigration and the real estate mogul’s deportation plans for undocumented residents.

Trump, of course, does not have a very favorable view on Mexicans.

In July, Trump sued Univision after the network dropped its coverage of Miss USA and Miss Universe.

"We’d love for Mr. Trump to sit down for an in-depth interview with Jorge to talk about the specifics of his proposals," Univision’s president of news and Fusion CEO Isaac Lee said via statement last night.

We aren’t going to hold our breath for this to happen.