13 Dads Who Totally Rule at Parenthood

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These dads totally win at parenthood. Click through these photos to see why.

1. It's All Good, Honey!

It's All Good, Honey!
Nothing to see here! Carry on with your day!

2. Who Wears Short Shorts?

Who Wears Short Shorts?
This totally awesome father wears short shorts! Much to his daughter's chagrin.

3. Growing Paints

Growing Paints
Please, please, please tell us this was never painted over.

4. Calling Shotgun...

Calling Shotgun...
... while his daughter calls her prom date and most likely cancels on him.

5. In the (Red Riding) Hood!

In the (Red Riding) Hood!
This is how you get into the spirit of things, fathers around the universe!

6. Just Trying to Help

Just Trying to Help
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups do go well with ANYthing, right?

7. On Pointe Parenting

On Pointe Parenting
Forget Position 1. This is Position... FUN!

8. Taking It for a Test Drive

Taking It for a Test Drive
Gotta make sure it's safe, don't you?

9. Serenity Now!

Serenity Now!
We hope this father has the eraser ready. This has to stop some time, right?!?

10. All Swaddled!

All Swaddled!
I may not have thought this one through. Who is gonna let us out?!?

11. A Bit Sketchy

A Bit Sketchy
This is pure genius.

12. Good Compromise?

Good Compromise?
This father's daughter asked for a six-foot teddy bear for Christmas. This is what she received.

13. Shaking It Off

No haters could possibly hate, hate, hate this father... could they?

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