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Teen Wolf heartthrob Tyler Posey has thirst trapped countless fans with his good looks and charming demeanor.

Now, he’s taking things further by following ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne’s footsteps and joining OnlyFans.

On Monday, September 28, Tyler Posey posted the announcement to Instagram … in the form of a naked serenade.

Being Instagram, the post features no dong or other forbidden bits.

Instead, he sits cross-legged but naked on a stool, a guitar and his fit thigh doing all of the censorship work.

The almost-29-year-old’s caption is also very flirty.

"You guys asked for it, and I supplied. I now have an only fans," he writes.

Tyler then teases: "Follow the link in my bio and come get wet with me! haha"

That risque tease is just the beginning, presumably.

Tyler is charging $14.99 — less than some much less famous reality stars — a month for exclusive content.

He does not actually promise any nudity … but some fans are hopeful. Others are jokingly pessimistic.

A few years ago, an alleged leak of Tyler’s personal videos went public.

There was a video, as you may recall, in which a hand allegedly belonging to Tyler was repeatedly striking an erect penis that also allegedly belonged to Tyler.

We were all horrified by this violation of his privacy. Many wonder if Tyler will now be sharing that same dong, this time by his own choice and with his own agency.

I personally was a huge fan of Teen Wolf back in the day (not being a teen, I called it Age-Appropriate Wolf) right up until it went past campy and got legitimately bad.

It’s important to note that Tyler has starred in other projects, like Now, Apocalypse and Jane The Virgin.

In fact, given that his acting career is still very much in swing, we hate to say it, but he’ll probably err on the side of showing a little less than he might if he were done with acting.

Tyler Posey Prepares His Sausage

Why? Because there is a huge stigma against sex workers, and while it is always worse against women than against men, nudity and especially porn can still derail careers.

This brings us to our next topic, however, because some people are angry that Tyler is starting an OnlyFans.

It’s not that they’re upset that he might be hanging dong (or showing any of the other bits immediately mentioned by thirsty fans on Twitter). They’re upset that he’s using the site at all.

Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey in Bed for Birthday

See, as with when his ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne joined, this is another example of a millionaire celebrity signing up for a site that many sex workers use simply to make ends meet.

If someone is a single mom doing cam work and selling feet pics on OnlyFans to make sure that her power goes off, seeing a celebrity join the site and take up potential income is soul-crushing.

Even worse is the way that Bella Thorne specifically ruined OnlyFans by scamming fans and causing a massive amount of refund requests, causing policy changes that harmed the site’s most vulnerable content creators.

Bella Thorne, Tyler Posey Close Up

Sex workers — who already face stigma and marginalization — have a hard enough time with the normal ins and outs of the work without competing with a millionaire celebrity for clicks.

It’s a fair criticism. And while Tyler isn’t exactly mega-rich (his estimated net worth is $7 million, which is great but not you-never-need-to-work-again money if you’re in your 20s), he doesn’t need OnlyFans to get by.

Others point out that if he draws positive attention to the site, a lot of people are more likely to subscribe to additional accounts. At the end of the day, some think that it could be a help — so long as he’s not running a scam.