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"Kim Kardashian’s butt is disappearing!" might sound like a weird concern to have, but it’s kind of true. 

Watch this video of her in a figure-hugging dress that leaves nothing to the imagination.

You’ll see what we mean. 

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We have for you a compilation of Snapchat footage from Kim’s Kim Kardashian West Beauty launch.

Kim Kardashian, as expected, made $14.4 million yesterday as her contour and highlighting kits sold out.

And while making more money than most humans will see in their lifetimes is a big enough deal.

(As is the fact that she seems to be muscling in on Kylie Jenner’s makeup business in the process, despite denials)

People couldn’t help but notice, however, that Kim’s butt … isn’t quite what it used to be.

Remember this?

Kim Kardashian butt for Paper magazine

Yeah, that image is burned forever into our minds.

It haunts our dreams.

It whispers forbidden secrets in our ears.

But what was notable about Kim’s butt at the KKW Beauty launch was that it’s looking a lot less substantial these days.

Like, Kim’s been complaining that people are ruining her butt photos.

But she’s also been exercising her butt off.

… Literally.

Photo via Instagram

This recent photo, plugging one of those weight loss teas that basically just make you need to use the bathroom a lot, really highlights how dramatic her weight loss has been.

Her butt isn’t small anymore, but it’s not making waves like it used to.

While Kylie gets ever-curvier and even Kendall Jenner seems to want to have a bigger butt, Kim’s been working hard to get smaller after her two pregnancies.

And her butt and boobs don’t exist in a vacuum — they’re shrinking with the rest of her.

Though admittedly not as quickly.

Kim Kardashian Stuns in White
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We’re reminded of when Amy Schumer tastelessly lamented Khloe Kardashian’s weight loss.

(That’s just another kind of body-shaming, folks)

You can talk about somebody’s weight loss all that you like.

But you don’t get to act like it’s a betrayal.

Kim’s weight loss might "betray" her brand — if it goes much further than this.

But it isn’t a stab in the back to other women with big-time badonkadonks, or to women who haven’t lost weight since giving birth.

It’s not even a "betrayal" of her husband.

Kim’s body doesn’t exist to please Kanye or anybody else, because she’s a real person (no matter what work she may have had done).

She can make her meat prison as large or small as she likes.

Kim Kardashian Aims to Seduce
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But here’s the video — or series of videos, really — showing Kim.

She looks great and she still looks curvy, sure … but you can really see that her curves are less extreme than they used to be.

That’s sort of one of the advantages of being rich.

You can afford to spend more time at the gym.

And a personal trainer who fits your schedule, no matter what it may be.

And to have healthy meals geared towards weight loss, cooked for you.

Kim Kardashian Plays with Hair
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People on budgets don’t have that option, so a lot of women struggle with weight loss after giving birth.

A lot of people struggle with weight loss, period.

But as you can see, Kim’s not struggling at all.

She’s been as successful at weight loss as she is at selling makeup, apparently.

It’s just that one might say that there’s a little less of her to love these days.