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Kim Kardashian is launching her own makeup line, Kim Kardashian West Beauty.

Even though, as people have already pointed out, Kim’s business could compete with Kylie Cosmetics.

But now that we’ve seen how much money Kim is projected to make … we totally get it.

Kim Kardashian Beauty Pic
Photo via Twitter

Women’s Wear Daily projects that Kim Kardashian’s first product will rake in $14.4 million within minutes.

Just about anybody would sell out their sibling’s business for that kind of cash, right?

We’re kidding. Ish.

So, Kim’s new line drops its first product, a cream for contouring and highlighting that comes in four shades, on June 21st,

That’s the Summer Solstice, so we hope that the conspiracy folks who think that every Halftime Show is an Illuminati ritual have fun with that.

Kim Kardashian West Beauty is expected to sell all 300,000 of these kits in under 5 minutes.

Since each of them cost $48 and math exists … you get $14.4 million.

Well, Kim and other profit participants get that much.

They’re not pulling these numbers out of nowhere, either.

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Apparently, when Kylie Cosmetics released KKW by Kylie, it was basically just a test run for Kim’s own line.

Which had to be weird for both of them, right?

300,000 of these lip kits sold out in minutes, and were $45 each … generating over $13 million.

Based on that test run — literally imagine making that much on a test run, holy crap — they expect for Kim’s own products to sell at least as well for her own brand.

And remember that some people only go to Kylie Cosmetics because they adore Kylie.

There’s no telling how quickly Kim might sell out to her own fans.

Kim Kardashian at the Gala
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Given that level of cooperation, it sounds like they might not be competing after all.

Kim, at least, would have us think so, because that’s what she told WWD.

"I am older than Kylie. We definitely have a different audience."

That’s true. Kylie’s audience is, for the most part, people young enough that using Snapchat doesn’t make them feel like the cold hands of time are clutching at them and dragging them ever-closer to the grave.

They must think that it’s worth it to see Kylie pose in a sheer lacy bra that does nothing to hide her nip-nops.

Kim’s fans tend to be a little older — old enough that they can relate in some way to a woman who’s now a married mother of two.

"We do have a lot of similar things — but we aren’t doing the same products so we won’t run into that overlap."

Kim Kardashian Beauty is supposed to just be concentrating on contouring and stuff instead of lip kits, but who knows how that might change?

Money changes people. Even when they’re already rich.

But Kim seems to thinkt hat it won’t be an issue.

"We’re really cautious of that. We work together to make sure that we don’t overlap like that."

Keep your friends close and your sister closer, eh, Kylie?

Kim Kardashian in Public
Photo via E!

We know that Kylie’s willing to go all-out to promote her products.

Usually that just means, you know, sexy pics with a caption here and there.

Kim’s has more experience at being a businesswoman — remember her video game? — and her brand is a little different.

But however she keeps people interested in her products over time, we’re sure that it’ll be hard to miss.

Maybe she and Kylie can both be makeup moguls.

We just hope that, with hundreds of thousands of women doing their makeup like Kim, Rob doesn’t bang any more Kim Kardashian lookalikes.

Because ick.