Kendall Jenner Booty Pic: Trying to Compete with Kylie Jenner's Curves?

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This snap that Kendall Jenner has shared of her butt flaunts curves and hips that we don't always associate with the leggy supermodel.

She's posed in a skimpy red one-piece that apparently wasn't skimpy enough, as you can see her pulling some of the fabric aside to bare more skin.

The photo has some people wondering if she's trying to edge in on sister Kylie's curves.

Kendall Jenner Flaunts Her Booty

That's quite a booty.

And, even as much of Kendall Jenner as we've all seen -- and it's been a lot -- it's almost surprising that her butt is as much as it is.

That's cameras and angles and posing for you, you know?

She looks great, but she's always looked phenomenal.

That's part of why she's literally a supermodel.

And, as far as Kendall Jenner's bathing suit photos go, we super prefer the modern ones to the super inappropriate photoshoots that she'd do as a minor.

But the nature of the photo, from the angle to the emphasis, makes it look like she's trying to measure up to her sister Kylie's body.

Kendall Jenner with Wine

This isn't the first time that comparisons have been drawn between Kendall and Kylie.

After all, Kylie's boyfriend Travis Scott compared Kylie and Kendall's sexual skills.


If you'll recall, he said that Kylie has "more to play with."

You know, because of her very ample curves and stuff.

Kendall, on the other hand, apparently has "more personality."

It's not super clear if Kendall has more personality in bed or just, like, in general.

We could see that in either case.

Kylie strikes us as such a, like, internal person.

And not necessarily the most verbal.

Kendall Jenner Topless with Boots

Hell, most of Kylie's Snapchat videos are silent except for whatever music's playing in the background.

Kendall's antics with friends are a little weirder.

Though maybe nakedly licking each other in photos just goes with the territory when you're friends with Cara Delevingne.

One of the pitfalls of being a young woman is that it's so easy to see just one body type as "perfect."

The fact of the matter is that, while certain body types fall in and out of fashion, there's an array of indisputably gorgeous body-types.

And while some people might be swayed by trends, certain individuals are always going to find certain things attractive.

Or unattractive.

Kendall Jenner with a Bat

There are people today who miss the, ahem, "top-heavy" models of the 1980s.

There are also people who don't care so much for the booty obsession in today's culture and who prefers a figure like Kendall's.

Or one even thinner.

It would not make sense for someone who already embodies some people's physical ideal to try their hand at a completely different body type.

Like, there are plenty of guys who wanna bang Jason Momoa, but that doesn't mean that Kendall should try to grow a beard.

She's welcome to, but she's just never gonna look like Jason Momoa.

Or appeal to the people who hold him up as the ultimate ideal of human beauty.

She's just going to disappoint the people who already like her for how she looks and don't need her to change.

Maybe we're reading too much into all of this.

Like, maybe Kendall's just showing off her butt because she likes it.

Maybe she's just reminding people that one-pieces are super in this season for whatever reason.

As if anyone could have forgotten, after sister Kourtney Kardashian's super hot beach photos in that white one-piece.

But body image issues aren't exactly foreign to the Kardashian clan.

We unfortunately wouldn't be surprised to learn that Kendall, arguably the hottest of the bunch, has her share. We gotta ask, more importantly:

Who would you rather?!

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