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Remember how Kylie Jenner’s net worth is through the roof, since she’s been raking in the dough at a rate to make even her sisters blush?

Well, it looks like her sisters got the memo, because big sister Kim Kardashian is moving in on the makeup business.

And Kylie’s fans are not having it.

Kim Kardashian for the MET Gala
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So, Kim Kardashian West Beauty — a name that makes Kylie Cosmetics sound like the most inspired, creative business name we’ve ever heard — is a thing.

For the moment, this brand’s focus is on contouring and highlighting kits.

But some of Kylie’s fans see this as a transparent move to butt into Kylie’s business.

They can just picture Kim looking at how much Kylie’s making, and her pupils turning into dollar signs like on a child’s cartoon.

Yes — even Kylie inspires brand loyalty.

Kylie Jenner with a Crown On
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Backlash can be entertaining, in this case, because the Kardashians aren’t vulnerable targets — Kim especially.

Like, she’s a grown woman. She has kids.

So we don’t think that we have to worry about her obsessing over the comments or slinking into a depression because of them or anything like that.

And, like, a lot of them are teens who idolize Kylie because they, too, want to get rich and also to shopping for mansions when they’re in their teens.

Hell, plenty of people would settle for just getting a tenth as many likes and favorites on social media as Kylie does — and some of those people are adults.

But there are a couple of issues with the Kim-is-totally-copying-Kylie negative, and we need to talk about those.

Kim Kardashian Listens
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First of all, Kim is not hurting for cash. At all.

While Kylie’s officially the youngest person on the Fobes 100 Rich List, Kim has still been in the financial lead among her family.

A huge part of that is her comically lucrative video game from a few years back.

So, Kim’s doing alright.

And while some of the Kardashian clan can be pretty competitive, we just don’t see Kris Jenner allowing any blatant backstabbing or sabotaging.

The Kardashians are supposedly "all about family," and it wouldn’t look great for Kim to hamstring Kylie’s business out of pettiness — even if she wanted to.

Kylie Jenner's New Curves
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Secondly, even if Kim were to copy Kylie … it would be pretty fair.

After all, Kylie’s been repeatedly accused of copying Kim’s look, from how she wears her makeup to the proportions of her body.

The thinking is that Kylie’s catching up to her big sis using more than just genetics.

And you know Kim’s big video game app?

Kylie and Kendall have already walked in her footsteps there, with their own game.

So, like most siblings, it sounds like they sometimes latch onto each other’s ideas.

Plenty of businesses just do that, too.

It doesn’t mean that Kim’s trying to dominate the makeup market, like a pair of drug lords getting each other’s minions killed over who can sell lip matte kits on which street corner.

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It would be kind of Kim or Kylie were to try to push Rob out of the sock business, since, poor guy, it’s kind of his only thing.

But Kylie’s brand isn’t going to crash and burn because her sister also sells makeup.

And, honestly, we feel like there’s only so much overlap between the two.

Admittedly, they both do their makeup like a 36-year-old, but Kylie’s fanbase is even younger.

They have to be, to keep pace with her Snapchat shenanigans.