Kim Kardashian Returns to Scene of That Awful Crime

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We make fun of Kim Kardashian a lot here at The Hollywood Gossip.

Mostly for good reason, though, considering she's very spoiled and out of touch and obsessed with fame and money and even flies on a 747 when it's totally unnecessary.

But there's one topic about which we've never mocked the reality star -- and that's the infamous robbery in Paris.

Kim Kardashian Has a Lot to Say

You remember the incident, right?

Back in October of 2016, Kim was awoken by armed intruders during her stay in France.

According to various reports, along with the celebrity herself, these men tied Kardashian up and actually held her at gunpoint while they ransacked the apartment in which she was staying.

Kardashian feared she would be raped and/or killed.

It sounded truly horrifying.

Several weeks after this robbery, Kim talked about it on camera and broke down into tears, as you can see here:

It took the fashion maven a very long time to summon up the courage to return to this city, but she eventually realized that she had to carry on with her life.

She could not remain a victim forever.

And it's this return that will be documented on Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In the preview featured on this page, Kardashian talks candidly about going back to Paris since nearly losing her life there, saying that she's afraid because "anything" could happen.

You might say this is overdramatic...

Kim Talks

... but we'd then say that no one who hasn't been at gunpoint can relate.

Few people out there (thankfully) can relate to what Kim went through during the robbery described above.

So instead of scoffing at Kim's excuse about being high on ecstasy when she filmed her sex tape years ago, we're gonna refrain from any Kardashian bashing in this post.

We'll simply ask readers to check out the teaser instead and send Kim our best wishes.

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