Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Flaunt Wealth In Ridiculous Fashion, Get Called Out For Douchiness

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The rich, as they say, are different from you and me.

Yes, they have more money, as Ernest Hemingway helpfully reminded F. Scott Fitzgerald, but they also don't have anyone to point out to them when they're behaving in deplorably douchey fashion.

Classic Kimye

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West learned the hard way this week that there's a downside to life among the yes man.

Namely, that you sometimes don't realize you're being awful until the internet reminds you.

Before we jump into this, allow us to put your mind at ease by saying no, Kanye didn't call slavery a choice, or suggest that Trump is the second coming of Christ, or announce a new fashion collaboration with Men's Wearhouse inspired by the president's baggy fat-guy suits.

Kimye Selfie Time

He simply engaged in the more pedestrian brand of rich guy douchery for which he used to be known, back when he was still on his meds:

Kim took to her Instagram Stories last night to share with fans that Kanye had rented out a private 747 plane just for kicks.

“No big deal, just taking a private 747,” Kardashian says in the clip.

“This is how he does it now. Only 747s, private. I’ve never even heard of this, but whatever.”

For reference, the plane could hold up to 660 passengers, and Air Force One is also a Boeing 747, which might explain Yeezy's newfound fascination with the needlessly massive aircraft.

Once aboard the plane, Kim offers fans a quick peek around.

“So this is what a private 747 is like, you guys," says Kim in voice-over.

"I’ve never been on one before. Oh my god, there’s bedrooms everywhere. No big deal. This is like endless,” 

As People magazine points out, fans on social media were quick to call the couple out for their extravagance, with one Twitter user blasting the move as “obnoxious and unnecessary.”

“All I’m thinking is what a waste of jet fuel, resources, environmental harm,” the user wrote.

Kanye West Almost Smiles

Another follower blasted Kim and Kanye for their hypocrisy in the wake of their $500,000 donation to the effort to contain the California wild fires.

“I’m missing the connection. @KimKardashian and @kanyewest donate 500000$ to wildfire relief efforts, but take a 747 airplane privately. Will someone explain to them how the climate crisis works? Please?” wrote the critic.

A third pointed out that the Wests are setting a bad example to other wealthy celebrities:

Kimye in 2017

“You have the power and wealth to travel sustainably, and instead you do the opposite. For what? An Instagram flex?” 

Naturally, a few bootlickers were quick to praise the couple for this colossal waste of money and resources, with one writing:

“Kanye West always ahead of [his] time ... The glee in Kim Kardashian’s voice though . . . she truly loves her husband.”

Kim Kardashian Smooches Kanye

Sigh. If only there were some other, cheaper way that a gifted musical artist could express his affection for his wife.

Don't be fooled, gentle readers. 

Kim may have been impressed, but like everything he does, this move was all about Kanye.

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