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Kim Kardashian was convinced she was going to be raped soon after armed assailants broke into her apartment in Paris early Monday morning.

Scroll down for a review of the new information that has emerged regarding this frightening incident and join us in sending your best wishes to the controversial reality star…

Kim Kardashian for BlogHer
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According to TMZ insiders, Kardashian was lying in bed around 2:30 a.m. when she heard footsteps coming up the stairs of her two-story apartment.

Through a sliding glass door, she spotted one man wearing a mask and another wearing a police hat and knew something was wrong.

The mother of two therefore rolled out of bed and tried calling her bodyguard via cellphone.

(She had earlier dispatched him to keep an eye on Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian, who were in town, because she figured she’d be safe in her apartment.)

Before Kim could complete the call, however, she was pulled away by one of the thieves and had her hands zip-tied with plastic handcuffs.

Her hands were also duct-taped, this source reports.

At this point, Kardashian told French police that she thought she was going to be raped.

Kim Kardashian at Fashion Week

As we’ve noted before in reporting on this story, it’s impossible to even imagine what Kim was thinking and going through.

Anyone who has anything negative to say about her or any joke to make about the incident should really stop, think and try to put yourself in Kim’s shoes while this attack was taking place.

The robbers proceeded to duct-tape Kim’s ankles, hoist her up and place her in the bathtub.

This is when she started yelling and pleading, begging for the men not to kill her because she had little kids at home.

She also said she had money and they could take whatever they wanted from the apartment.

Kim told the cops that the culprits only spoke French, but she did understand what they were after when they kept saying “ring, ring.”

So she told them where to find the $4 million diamond that Kanye West had recently purchased for her.

(You can see this new ring pretty clearly in the photo below.)

Kim Kardashian and Her Ring
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The robbers eventually put duct tape over Kim’s mouth because she continued to cry and beg, while a friend of Kim’s named Simone actually called Kardashian’s bodyguard from a downstairs bathroom.

She had locked herself in there as soon as she heard the commotion.

Simone told the bodyguard to hurry home as quickly as possible… and he did so. He arrived at the apartment mere minutes after the robbers left.

The entire attack and robbery took about six minutes.

Kim called Kanye as soon as she could, sobbing hysterically into the phone while explaining what happened.

She then boarded a private plane and touched down in New York City on Monday afternoon.

It’s a crazy, sad, scary story all around and we can only hope Kim is feeling a little better each day about it.