Paris Hilton on Broken Engagement: Chris Zylka Wasn't My Happy Ending

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Earlier this month, Paris Hilton ended her engagement to Chris Zylka.

Now, nearly two weeks after the news broke, Paris is speaking out about what led to their breakup.

Take a look and hear Paris break her silence.

Paris Hilton on The Talk

"I’m doing really good," Paris revealed to the hosts of The Talk.

Good for you, Paris.

As for what she's up to, Paris says: "I’m just really having my me time."

"I just feel that when I fall in love," Paris explains. "I fall in love fast and hard."

"And," Paris characterizes. "It was this whirlwind romance."

It was also something of a slow burn -- as the two of them had years of flirtatious friendship before they ever dated.

Paris H and Chris Zylka

Paris explains why she is a true romantic at heart.

"And I've always been obsessed with Disney stories and love stories," Paris notes.

Paris believes in fairytales, she says, "and I thought it was gonna be my happy ending."

"And," Paris explains. "I just realized after time that it wasn't the right decision."

You know what? That happens sometimes.

Chris Zylka Kisses Paris Hilton

"But," Paris says. "I wish him the best."

That is an almost obligatory line.

Any celebrity who doesn't want their breakup under the biggest possible microscope says that.

"And one day," paris continues. "I would love to get married and have children,"

So she still wants that happily ever after -- but not with Chris Zylka.

Paris concludes: "but for right now I’m just focused on myself and my work."

Chris Zylka and Paris

It feels like Paris and Chris were engaged for ages.

In reality, they've been engaged for less than a year.

A lot of people have observed that they are experiencing time differently in 2018 because every day's news can be so overwhelming.

(Remember, the Winter Olympics in South Korea were this past January)

For Paris and Chris, 2018 will be marked above all else by bittersweet memories of their engagement.

Paris and Chris Zylka

This is the end of an era for her, but Paris really seems to be taking it well.

In the wise words of Jessica Walter's Arrested Development character, Lucille Bluth: "Good for her."

Of course, that left Paris with Chris Zylka's $2 million ring.

By California law, she has to return the massive diamond ring if she has not already.

Which leaves Chris in the awkward position of being a guy who owns a ring that is about to represent a full third of his net worth.

Chris Zylka and Paris Hilton

We still don't know exactly what caused these two to split, except that it was Paris' decision.

To hear her tell it, it's like she walked into the living room one day and realized that she wanted her furniture in a different arrangement.

Generally speaking, engagements that fall through after years of being together have a reason for doing so.

In the mean time, plenty of folks who've had crushes on Chris Zylka since they saw him on The Leftovers or The Secret Circle are probably hoping that now is their chance.

Keep dreaming.

if you're hoping to swoop in and sweep Paris off of her feet now, think again.

She says that she's "not even thinking" of dating at the moment.

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