Kim Kardashian Konfesses: I Was High When I F-cked Ray J on Camera!

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The Kim Kardashian sex tape is back in the news.

Thanks to Kim Kardashian herself.

Indeed, while the past few episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashian has focused on Tristan Thompson, his cheating scandal and Khloe Kardashian, this latest installment centered on ...

Kim Kardashian Rocks a Tank Top

... Ray J?!?

Or, to be more specfic, Kim's mental state when she and her ex-boyfriend rocked each other's sexual worlds in front of a recording device?!?


In a conversation with Scott Disick on Sunday evening, the mother of three reflected on her “wild” years, way back before she settled down with Kanye West and their kids.

The Lord mentioned that he had heard stories” about Kardashian, setting her up to relay a couple of them on camera.

“You went to Disney and you were all high or something - or Six Flags,” said Disick of one rumor he had heard making the rounds.

lord listens

“I didn’t know you got high,” Kendall Jenner said.

“I got married on ecstasy. The first time,” Kim replied, referencing her wedding to music producer Damon Thomas in 2000 and then adding of Kim Kardashian Superstar:

I did ecstasy once and I got married. I did it again, I made a sex tape. Like, everything bad would happen.

Wait, what?!? 

Kardashian is blaming drug use for her decision to film the sex tape that made her famous?


"Absolutely. Everyone knows it. My jaw was shaking.” she said of the famous Ray J banging. “I definitely went through a wild phase."

And a lucrative phase, of course. This sex tape, which Kim permitted to be distributed in exchange for $5 million, kick-started what has become a very successful career.

kim kontinues

Elsewhere on this episode, Kim reacted on stunned shock after learning that Tristan Thompson has blocked her on Instagram.

(The episode was filmed not long after Thompson had been exposed as a cheater and Khloe had given birth to their daughter.)

"He blocked me. What a f–king loser," Kim rightfully said of Tristain, who she threatened to choke to death a couple weeks ago.

When Kim called Khloe about the whole blocking thing, the brand new parent joked about her cheating boyfriend's age.

“He’s 27. Only 27-year-olds know how to block," she said.

Khloe was also tasked with explaining Tristan’s continued presence in her life after he cheated on her days before she gave birth to their child.

“[True] deserves to have bonding time with both of her parents. It’s not her fault what’s going on," she said.

Finally, while Kim was seething, Kourtney Kardashian was flying to Washington, D.C. to help aid legislation that would regulate harmful chemicals in personal care products.

Pretty impressive, right?

Kourtney teamed up with with EWG, the Environmental Working Group, and spoke in front of members of Congress and the press about the Personal Care Products Safety Act.

Kourtney Turns Serious

Where did this come from?!?

Explained Kourtney in a confessional at one point:

“I feel like my sisters are always saying, ‘Oh you don’t have a passion, you don’t have your own project.’ …

"I know I’m not the most political person but if going to Washington is going to help push through their cosmetic law then I’m going to do it."

Well done, Kourt. We're salute you for this effort.

We also salute Ray J for continuing to make money off his Kim Kardashian pounding.

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