Kate Major Praises White Supremacy During Arrest, Uses Homophobic Slurs at Police

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Less than a year ago, Michael Lohan's wife Kate Major was arrested for assaulting a police officer and being a menace, which is pretty consistent with her history of arrests.

So it's no surprise that, once again, Kate Major has been placed under arrest.

This time, there's video (which we have for you, below) and, be warned, she combines racist and homophobic epithets into a perfect storm of awful. She even brings up white supremacy, so ... yikes.

Kate Major in a Car

We suppose that we should be thankful that this wasn't another incident of Kate Major getting arrested for attacking Michael Lohan.

Maybe thankful isn't the right word ... we don't exactly lose any sleep over bad things happening to Michael Lohan.

Michael Lohan and charges of domestic battery aren't exactly strangers to each other. Like, at all.

(And we cannot help but wonder how much better Lindsay Lohan's life and mental state would be if she had never had Michael Lohan in her life -- maybe she'd have the life that she deserves, you know?)

But speaking of criminal charges that Michael Lohan and his estranged wife Kate Major have faced, Kate's very latest arrest features both of them.

Kate made a call to 911 that we'd describe as semi-coherent, at best.

TMZ obtained the call, though honestly it's mostly just upsetting and managed to not even be the focus of this story.

In it, Kate Major says that her husband kidnapped her young children and punched her in the face that day.

(Obviously horrible, if true -- though her words and actions later cast doubt on the whole thing)

Though she's not exactly coming across as, uh, a woman in a healthy mental state or necessarily a sober person, she describes dire circumstances that, if true, totally warrant a police call and a very serious response.

And then ... Kate Major very clearly threatens to murder "you" (the 911 operator but probably the police) if they fail to bring back her children.

Kate Major Lohan Mugshot Picture

That's a threat.

Potentially a terrorist threat.

The sort of thing that warrants an arrest while simultaneously the sort of crazy person talk that makes people dismiss everything that you've said previously.

But, yeah, she was placed under arrest.

(She might be able to mitigate it, legally speaking, by claiming extreme emotional disturbance, but that will be in a courtroom if it comes to that)

Kate Major didn't go quietly at all, as you'll see in the video below.

But, because she's slurring her words, we can go ahead and tell you the upsetting things that she said to the arresting officers.

Kate Major and Michael Lohan Photo

As we mentioned, Kate is bending over backwards to be offensive. 

A lot of that is just referring to the black man there as a "monkey" and to the woman there as a "d-ke."

The first is not something to call a black person as it was a hateful term and caricature used for decades.

The second is a homophobic slur directed as lesbians (and sometimes at bisexual women).

And then, likely inspired by recent news such as the Nazi activity and terrorist attack in Charlottesville and the ensuing media coverage, Kate Major starts talking about white supremacy.

Like, she seems to think that it's a good thing.

"Part of white supremacy is that you f--king monkeys don't know how to do your jobs."


"I'd love to be more of part of white supremacy because you're all part of f--king monkeys."

As for the female officer, who is white, Kate calls her a "d-ke" repeatedly and demands that she stop touching her breasts.
Kate Major Mugshot (2014)

By the way, Kate Major has a bag over her head throughout this -- yes, really -- because officers claim that she was spitting on them.

It's good that they have such a ready solution to that.

It's not so good that this happens so regularly to police that they have bags designed to prevent it.

(Seriously, what is wrong with people?)

We're sure that there will be more on this ridiculous, sensational story.

Remember, there are slurs in this video, so you may want to watch your volume or even put on some headphones:

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