Kate Major: Arrested For Drunken Attack on Michael Lohan!

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Kate Major Lohan, the wife of Lindsay Lohan's dear old dad Michael Lohan, was arrested last night for attacking him in a drunken rage, according to police.

Kate Major Mug Shot

MiLo called the cops around 7 p.m. yesterday in Boca Raton, Fla.

Telling officials in that city that Kate had just returned to their home after picking up some dinner and was visibly drunk, he asked for assistance ASAP.

They got into an argument that turned physical, he says, and Major scratched him down his back, according to him (and a photo posted on TMZ).

Kate looked intoxicated and reeked of alcohol when cops arrived, and officers say she was slurring her speech with bloodshot eyes and flushed cheeks.

The police say Kate admitted she'd been drinking, then ranted that Michael had accused her of cheating on him and that's what provoked her to fight.

Kate also said MiLo grabbed her by the throat, yet had no visible injuries ... save for when she "scratched her throat area in an attempt to create red marks."

She's not very good at lying or faking crimes, apparently.

Officers hauled Kate in to the Palm Beach County Jail and booked her on a battery charge; she was cut loose Friday morning on her own recognizance.

Michael blames ex-wife Dina and their ongoing child custody dispute, telling TMZ, "At the end of the day, this is all because of what Dina is doing in court."

"It affects Kate too, and like anyone with a drug or alcohol problem," which he says Kate has, "when they can't handle the stress, they resort to drinking."

Kate and Michael Lohan got married last fall and recently welcomed their second child together ... right after she served few months behind bars for DUI.

Formerly Lindsay's assistant and also Jon Gosselin's ex (seriously), Kate Major had been on probation for allegedly attacking a police officer in 2012.

Police have responded to domestic violence complaints from her in the past. This chick gets into more trouble than ... well, her husband and his daughter.

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