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As promised, embattled parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were interviewed by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Wednesday, June 3, 2015.

This is part one of the lengthy sit-down. Click here for part two of the interview, in which they defended their role in the Josh Duggar scandal.

The Duggar parents said the victims, which include Jill and Jessa Duggar, didn’t know anything about being touched while they were sleeping.

Josh personally had come to his parents and told them what he had done and said he had done this because he was curious about girls.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar they discussed it with their friends and decided to send their eldest child away for counseling to help him.

Eventually, Josh and the parents went to the police; Josh was never charged with a crime and these details only leaked a decade later.

Jim Bob defended his handling of the scandal, saying Josh was a child preying on a child, all the kids had counseling and Josh apologized.

Megyn Kelly asked Michelle and Jim Bob if they feel they are being unfairly targeted; they said it does feel like being punished and attacked.

The Duggars said their entire family is being victimized now more than they were before, as the kids do not even remember this occurring.

Nowadays, however, the story is everywhere and they are being forced to relive the horror as it were. It’s pretty shocking, all of this.

Watch Kelly’s interview with Jim Bob and Michelle above and see what you think … does it change your perception of the situation?