Jessa and Jill Duggar Confirm: We Were Molested By Josh Duggar

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The long-awaited Megyn Kelly interview of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar aired on Fox News tonight, and the reality stars shared several shocking details.

There was plenty to discuss regarding their son Josh's sexual misconduct, and Kelly covered it from pretty much every conceivable angle Wednesday.

The most surprising revelations, however, came from Jill and Jessa Duggar, both of whom confirmed that they were molested by their older brother.

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Jill and Jessa Duggar appeared only briefly, at the very end of the broadcast, as a preview for their own interview with Kelly that's set to air on Friday.

In the clip, the now-married Duggar daughters do not address their feelings regarding Josh's crimes, but instead criticize "the system."

The system that they feel is responsible for failing to keep his file sealed as required by law and exposing the two of them as victims, that is.

Jessa dismisses her brother's actions as "stupid mistakes" and states that she believes that her family's right to privacy was not protected.

"We're victims. It isn't fair," says a tearful Jill, presumably in response to a question about the story leaking to the Internet last month.

While it's true that Josh's file was leaked illegally, and the family has been embroiled in scandal ever since, it's an interesting angle to take.

Many on social media expressed surprise that Jill, Jessa, Jim Bob and Michelle seem more concerned with the leak than with the abuse that took place.

Earlier in the interview, Jim Bob Duggar defended his failure to report Josh's sexual abuse by claiming that Josh himself was only a child at the time.

The Josh Duggar sexual molestation of four sisters and one babysitter was not investigated until a third party reported his crimes several years later.

By that point, the statute of limitations on his crimes had expired.

The Duggars also implied that their entire family is being victimized now more than they were before, as the kids do not even remember this happening.

Nowadays, however, the story is everywhere - through no fault of their own - and they are being forced to relive this abject horror as it were.

Fair point? Deflecting from the real issue? You decide.

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