Jim Bob Duggar Defends Failure to Report Josh Duggar Sexual Abuse: He Was a Child Preying on a Child!

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Megyn Kelly's interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar aired on Fox News tonight, and as expected, the reality stars proved to be as divisive as ever. 

From the moment the world first learned that Josh Duggar had molested his sisters and one other young girl, his parents have been harshly criticized.

Not just for the apparent hypocrisy of their views, but for the manner in which they handled the situation in particular. So how did they address this?

The Duggars say they initially attempted to cope with the crisis "in-house" before eventually sending Josh to a counseling center.

They never considered reporting Josh to the police, they said, until after it became clear that his abusive behavior would continue. 

It was only after Josh confessed to molesting his sisters three separate times that Michelle and Jim decided to "remove him from the home" 

Despite acknowledging the heinous nature of Josh's crimes, Jim Bob repeatedly attempted to mitigate the severity of his son's misconduct.

"This was not rape, this was touching someone over their clothes," the Duggar patriarch insisted. "They didn't even know he had done it."

"I talked to somebody who worked at one of those juvenile youth sex offender facilities, and the success rate is not good."

As for the incidents during which the daughters, which included Jessa and Jill Duggar, were awake, Jim Bob says, "They didn't understand."

"None of the victims knew about this or understood what he had done."

As for why he chose not to report Josh in order to protect his daughters, the Duggar patriarch insists that he was under no legal obligation to do so.

"As parents you're not mandatory reporters," Jim Bob says. "The last jurisdiction of who he needed to make things right with, was the law."

Jim Bob did eventually take his son to the Arkansas State Police.

The investigating officer, who was a friend of the family, and is now in prison on child pornography charges, apparently gave Josh "a stern lecture."

Michelle described this as putting "the fear of God" into the 15-year-old, and says they did everything they could to make this whole thing right.

Josh was not prosecuted, however, and the officer has since claimed that Jim Bob lied about Josh's crimes in order to prevent an investigation.

At one point, Jim Bob claims that he does not consider his son to be a pedophile or a sex offender due to his age at the time of his misconduct

"The legal definition [of 'pedophile'] is 16 and up," Jim Bob Duggar says, denying that Josh is one. "This was a child preying on a child."

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