Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Interview, Part II

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Part two of Fox News' Megyn Kelly's interview with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar picked up where part one of the interview left off Wednesday.

The Duggar parents said Josh personally had come to them, telling them he had done these things just because he was curious about girls.

The victims, which include now-adults Jill and Jessa Duggar, two other sisters and a babysitter, didn't know anything about it, Jim Bob said.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar sent their eldest child away for counseling; Josh and the parents also went to the police, but not immediately.

Jim Bob defended his role and how he addressed this, saying Josh was a child preying on a child, and all the kids had to be protected.

Megyn Kelly asked Michelle and Jim Bob all about the scandal and Josh's past molestation, and why they acted in the way that they did.

She also chronicled the family's would-be interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show that was called off when someone leaked this story.

That was 2006. The full police report, Josh's actions and the nature of his crimes and victims did not become public until last month.

Josh is now 27 years old and has three kids of his own. His family has gone on to become very successful reality television stars.

How are they processing all of this now? Watch and find out.

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