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This not really just in: Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her second baby!

This possibly just in: Kim Kardashian is pregnant with twins?

With talk of two impending babies making the rounds, Kim was asked straight up about her expecting status at the launch of Hype Energy Drinks in Nashville on Tuesday.

Is there truth to the rumor that North West will have a pair of siblings in December?

"It’s ridiculous rumors," Kim said at the event, adding: "I can’t wait till my website’s up so I can just say whatever I want, when I want."

We’re not exactly sure what’s stopping Kim from doing that now, considering her many social media accounts and followers… but hey.

Kardashian used one of those accounts to go on a crazed rant this week in response to other false stories regarding her pregnancy.

Is she ACTUALLY pregnant?!? Click on the above link to find out and then watch the above interview for more.