Hannah Brown: It'll Take More than Boning for Peter Weber to Find Love!

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ABC released the first official teaser of Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor. The infamous windmill was front and center.

In a new interview, Hannah Brown opens up about what she thinks of that, and offers some very real advice for Peter.

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As we already reported, Peter Weber steps out of a wildly unsubtle windmill during the new promo.

After the heartbreaking moment when James Van Der Beek departed from Dancing With The Stars, Hannah Brown was interviewed.

We have included that interview, so that you can hear Hannah's words and enjoy looking at Alan Bersten if that is your wish.

For the portion of the interview that we have included, she begins by addressing the windmill promo.

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten interviewed

"Like I said," Hannah says while laughing awkwardly. "I will always be asked about my journey with my men."

She then fumbles her words, saying: "I guess I'm ... I don't know."

"It was a memorable moment, I think, for everyone," she reasons.

"So," Hannah suggests, "they put it in the promo." That they did!

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She also has some solid advice based upon her experiences -- both good and bad -- as leading lady.

"I think it's just taking those moments to really get to know the person without the cameras," Hannah recommends.

Her advice continues: "And to make sure that you're really vulnerable and honest with each other."

"Just because the show has ended," Hannah observes. "Your life [together] is still starting."

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"And," Hannah strongly recommend, Peter should endeavor "to really get to know what you're in."

She adds: "and be able to make confident decisions for yourself moving forward too."

"Just because the show ends," Hannah reiterates. "Doesn't mean that's the ending."

For example, one might go home with the winner only to learn that he strung along a secret girlfriend for weeks and weeks.

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"You really need to understand what your relationship is," Hannah counsels Peter.

Still, she wishes him the absolute best.

Her advice concludes: "I hope that his is a fairy tale and something he's always been looking for."

That is so sweet! Not all exes are willing to give each other such affectionate advice.

Hannah Brown: You Probably Want to Leave ...

Remember, Peter is a real person. He's more than just a boning machine who lays nonstop pipe in windmills.

No one knows about either of those sides of Peter better than Hannah.

She also knows the perils of dating in this franchise.

She went on the show looking for fun and love. She ended up with a guy who wanted to boost his music career and got in over his head.

Hannah Brown: I F--ked in a Windmill

Of course, if you're following The Bachelor Spoilers, you already know quite a lot about Peter's season, including his final three.

It may be a little late for Peter to follow Hannah's advice, especially given that one of this contestants is kind of a disaster.

But future leads in the franchise can definitely take her advice to heart.

Use the fantasy suites to speak to someone off camera. Use windmills to bone each other's brains out.

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