The Bachelor Promo Teases Sexy Peter Weber, Planes, and a Windmill

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If you've been following The Bachelor Spoilers, you already know Peter Weber's final three. But his season has yet to begin.

Now, ABC has revealed Peter's promo, and they're not shying away from his "windmill" backstory. Take a look:

Peter Weber for Season 24 of The Bachelor

Peter Weber charmed viewers of The Bachelorette as "Pilot Pete."

So it is only natural that in this promo video for Season 24 of The Bachelor, our first glimpse is of a plane flying in the distance.

From that view of the sky, the camera transitions to viewing a cgi rose petal as it drifts through the imaginary wind.

"Feeling Good" by George Michael plays, and it does seem tonally appropriate if you want to convey a hint of cockiness.

Peter Weber the bachelor promo gif 01 of 04

The drifting petal then meanders its way over to a cgi windmill.

(It looks like something straight out of Once Upon A Time, and that is not a compliment, but it's just fine for a cheesey promo)

The various spokes (they're actually called sails or blades) of the windmill then magially multiply the petal and send them rushing off with the breeze.

The windmill's structure has a door, of course, and that's where Peter is hanging out.

Peter Weber the bachelor promo gif 02 of 04

Peter tries to play it cool in a very well-fitting suit and holding a dazzling red rose.

Framed by the doorway, he doesn't have the obvious hunky sex appeal of Colton Underwood.

Instead, it's clear that he's sort of Colton's opposite -- instead of mind-numbingly attractive, he has a lot of well-earned sexual confidence.

We can only imagine how many takes he must have gone through to strike the right tone, but he nailed it.

Peter Weber the bachelor promo gif 03 of 04

After Peter smells his own rose, he looks up at the camera and smiles.

This is when a cascade of rose petals sweeps across the screen, reealing the promo art.

Peter Weber is the titular Bachelor.

The art of course notes that his season, Season 24, will premiere in January of 2020. it'll be here before we know it!

Peter Weber the bachelor promo gif 04 of 04

The plane may be a cute nod to the fact that he is "Pilot Pete."

However, this autumn, Hannah hinted that Peter could take things to the next level during his season by boning on an airplane.

The windmill's presence is not even slightly ambiguous.

Peter and windmills go way back to Hannah's season, where the two of them boned in one. Sorry, they boned in a windmill four times.

Hannah Brown: You Probably Want to Leave ...

While Hannah faced some horrific slut-shaming for (gasp!) having sex with a man she was dating, Peter seemed to mostly earn praise.

(That's partially due to the fact that he was only dating her, but mostly because of outrageous sexist double-standards about sex and sexuality)

At 28 years old, he is not an old man by any means.

But generally speaking, four rounds of penetrative sex during just one hookup is considered a lot. Especially if you're no longer a teenager.

Hannah Brown: I F--ked in a Windmill

Obviously, not all of the women on Peter's season are going to be getting the windmill treatment.

(Though perhaps some will join the Mile High Club)

But you have to know that, just as the idea of deflowering Colton was on everyone's mind last season, each contestant will have to be thinking:

Will Peter live up to Hannah's hype? Only time will tell.

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