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It’s OK to shift the blame to you kids from time to time, like if you fart in public.

It’s not ok to blame them for forcing you to buy yourself an engagement ring, as much as Farrah Abraham would like to believe.

Abraham explained to MTV why she ended up buying a ring that she thought off-again boyfriend Simon Saran was going to A) propose with B) pay her back for.

Welp, neither happened, and Abraham is now the reluctant owner of a 14-carat ring.

Abraham explained that she and her daughter, Sophia were on a Disney cruise in the Bahamas for Sophia’s birthday.  While they were docked at one of the cruise’s port-of-calls, they perused the jewelry stalls together.

Sophia said she wanted Abraham to get an engagement ring, so Abraham did the logical thing and called Saran to see if he was open to making it official.

"He had pictures, he was seeing it [the ring]…he was talking to the owner of the store," Abraham recalled.

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"I was left with the impression that he was really buying it, and it wasn’t a big deal that I purchased it."

If I could just interject…if Saran was actually serious about proposing, why would he allow Abraham to purchase something in another country?

That might be beside the point.  Carry on!

"It was a great thing that he was involved," Abraham said

"And my daughter and I got to make something special so that she felt she was involved in an engagement."

Alas, nothing is as it seems, and for all their oohing and aahing over a piece of jewelry, the engagement has yet to happen.

"But it turned out not being as nice as I thought it was," Abraham said, looking disappointed.

Exactly how much did Abraham end up spending on her ring?

"It’s was $64,000 initially, though he got it down to $36,000," she said with a laugh,"and I thought I was going to be paid back.

"But we’re not dating anymore and I don’t really care."

It’s unclear where Saran stands on this purchase, and why he allegedly gave it the green light.