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Farrah Abraham has gone through too much heartache with boyfriend Simon Saran to let it continue.

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While she explained to Us Weekly that viewers will see their relationship unravel throughout this season of Teen Mom OG, Abraham doesn’t have a positive outlook on her future with Saran.

"I don’t know if Simon and I really have the same outlook on life, and I think that is [not] a really good fit," she admitted.

"And [there are] some other things in Simon that really hurt and frustrate me. So I don’t know if we are really connected."

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On the August 22nd premiere, Abraham told her mother that she had purchased a 14-carat engagement ring because Saran led her to believe he was orchestrating a proposal.

In the end, all Abraham was left with was a jeweler’s bill, because not only did Saran not propose, he didn’t pay her back for the ring.

"You spend so much time with someone, and it is not as close as you thought it was. And as a mom, [his behavior] is really hurtful, and I worked through that," Abraham continued.

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"I mean I have been through a lot of s–t relationships, so I just add another layer to my cake really."

Right now, Abraham is focused on her daughter, Sophia’s modeling career as well as the 7-year-old’s new boutique, Sophia Laurent (opening September 11th in Austin, Texas). 

"I would say I casually date, no one serious, but I really have to focus a bunch on my businesses," Abraham said.

"I make sure to stay busy for a reason because if I don’t, I will get into trouble."

Saran tweeted a video of himself hanging out with Abraham in La Jolla, CA on August 14th, so it looks like the two are on good terms.  

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for Saran and Debo.

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