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So Farrah Abraham seems to be in kind of a weird place right now.

And yeah, you could probably make the argument that her entire life has been lived in that weird place, and you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong.

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The girl is wacky, and she’s been wacky since the day we met her on 16 and Pregnant.

But still, there’s a little something different going on these days.

Like, reports have been going strong for months that she’s working as a prostitute, and just this week, we learned that she’s been avoiding making a home somewhere for herself and Sophia to avoid being served for that lawsuit.

Which lawsuit? Good question.

Farrah Freaks

The one where she’s being sued for over $100,000 for breaking the lease and failing to pay rent for those businesses she opened a few years ago in Austin.

Yep, for the better part of this year, she’s been flitting around the world, allegedly escorting wealthy gentlemen and generally just being the worst.

Something else she’s been doing, as evidenced by this video we’re going to be talking about today?

Just so, so much plastic surgery.

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Farrah is no stranger to changing her appearance, of course, but in this new video she shared on her YouTube channel, she does look very different.

Her face shape is just not the same as it was even just last month — it’s actually pretty dramatic.

The video itself is just as dumb as you’d imagine it would be, and she barely makes sense.

She keeps saying that it’s a confessional, but really the only thing she confesses is how awesome she thinks she is.

Farrah Abraham Red Carpet Pose

She does mention that she’s in a good place with MTV right now, and they’ve been having meetings and traveling together.

We’re not sure how much of that is true and how much is just her letting words fall out of her mouth as they pop in her brain, but that’s what she’s saying.

From there, she discusses being on magazine covers, primarily tabloids, and mentions that maybe now, in this new phase of her life, she’ll do a feature on Harper’s Bazaar or Elle or Cosmopolitan instead.

Next, she says that she’s sick of popular TikTok users having fake relationships and marriages.

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This whole thing really is just a dark look into how her mind works, and we don’t care for it one bit.

Let’s see, later she graciously says "you’re welcome" to her former Teen Mom costars for allowing them to share in her money and fame.

She also tells us all that she wants to be on a scripted show now, one where "the talent" is protected like they weren’t on Teen Mom.

We can’t really fault her for that statement, because MTV did almost let Amber Portwood maul her that one time.

It Won't Be Farrah Abraham, Will It?!?

But then she goes off on the haters who are so jealous of her and her talents, and just for fun, she throws in a "Make America great again."

It’s so hard to watch, and her latest surgery or fillers or whatever this madness is doesn’t help.

Check it all out for yourself in the video below: