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It’s been quite the month for Farrah Abraham, hasn’t it?

She was fired from a reality show about teen pregnancy after advertising that she’d be doing butt stuff on an adult website — haven’t we all been there?

Farrah Abraham, Bending Back
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It’s tough. Real tough.

She’d spent weeks promoting another one of her cam girl shows — a Halloween special that would feature her masturbating the front way and the back way — and the very day of the show, she was fired by MTV.

It’s still a little unclear what exactly happened, since the only person who’s been talking about it all is Farrah herself.

And come on, we all know that communicating is not her strong suit.

She’s explained (or tried to explain, anyway) that MTV committed "hate crimes" against her, that they’ve discriminated against her for being in the adult entertainment industry.

She seemed to insinuate that she was given an ultimatum: Teen Mom or porn.

Farrah Abraham Pushes Pultrain Lingerie
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But what happened was that she had this conversation with MTV before doing that special livestream, and when it came time to get down to sexy business, she didn’t do it.

The site actually had to issue refunds to the people who had paid to watch Farrah get down with herself, because all she did was rant and rave. She wasn’t even naked.

So it seems like there’s a chance she could still be on the show, because it’s been a month now since she would have been issued that ultimatum, and she hasn’t done a livestream since.

This theory makes the most sense, especially considering that in a bizarre video she posted on her YouTube account, she claimed that "I have not been let go, I have not been fired."

She also advised Teen Mom fans to not "even waste a penny ordering Teen Mom anything because it’s not credible, it’s all fake, it’s all contrived, and it’s hurting real human beings."

Farrah Abraham, Castle Selfie
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It’s all so confusing, isn’t it?

But today, let’s focus on the part of Farrah’s attack on MTV in which she claims the show is fake and harmful to its cast members.

In a new interview with Radar Online, she reveals some new information about her infamous feud with Amber Portwood — the one that really heated up when Amber tried to punch her at a Teen Mom reunion show last year.

You remember: Farrah and her sometimes boyfriend, Simon Saran, were talking about how Matt Baier "looks like a pedophile," and Amber stormed the stage to defend her man.

She did a lot of yelling before taking a swing at Farrah, who pretty much just stood there looking surprised.

Matt came onstage too, and so did Farrah’s father, and they started pushing each other around.

Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood: UNCENSORED Fight Video Released!

Security and producers came in to diffuse the situation, audience members were nervous because the scuffling got a little too close to them — it wasn’t a great situation.

But now Farrah is saying that MTV planned the whole thing.

"Amber was provoked by production to run on stage and instigate a fight with me," she claims.

"They shut off all TVs on set and tried to remove all families and children beforehand. They instigated bad criminal behavior on set."

She also says that even going as far back as her 16 and Pregnant episode, "I had producers always ask me questions and then go run and tell my parents."

"They make things manipulated, not authentic and due to this I couldn’t even talk to Sophia’s father before he passed away."

Farrah, Sophia Abraham Pic
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Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood, was Farrah’s high school boyfriend — he was killed in a car accident while she was pregnant.

At the time of his death, he and Farrah weren’t on good terms because her parents wouldn’t allow her to speak with him. Is she implying that their issue with Derek was caused by MTV?

"Production should never cross boundaries and ruin the natural family interactions as the Teen Mom associated production companies and MTV allowed repeatedly," she says.

"It becomes an issue and struggle between what’s real and manipulated by production rather than focus on the real lives and stories."

To support her argument, she points out that several other Teen Mom stars have accused the network of "manipulations and fake storylines."

Is Teen Mom really that faked, or is Farrah just upset about almost getting fired?

We don’t know, but man, this sure does make for some great drama.