Scott Disick Fears Prison (?!?) in New KUWTK Trailer

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You can say many things about the Kardashians, along with nearly everyone in close proximity to this family.

Really. You can. Go right ahead and do so right now.

But there's one thing that can't really ever be uttered about this group of polarizing reality stars:

They've never been in trouble with the law.

With sex tapes? With infidelity? With the exploiting of their young fan base for millions of dollars? Yes, yes and yes.

But Kim Kardashian and company has at least remained on the right side of the police... until now, perhaps.

Lord Help Us

In a new promo for Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 17, which premieres some time this fall, Scott Disick speaks up and out at one point and says the following:

“There’s a chance I would’ve had to go to prison.”

Wait, what?!?

For what possible reason?

We have no idea and the preview does not say -- and this is likely much ado about nothing at all.

But it has still drawn out attention.

Scott Disick Speaks from the Heart

Elsewhere in this footage, we see how tensions between Tristan Thompson and the Kardashians-Jenners are still lingering after he cheated on Khloé Kardashian with Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner‘s longtime best friend forever.

In one revealing scene, Kim is angry after Thompson evidently ignored Khloe at their daughter True‘s first birthday party in April.

“He doesn’t even speak to Khloe,” she fumes. “Khloe invited you. Be f—ing cordial.”

“This whole thing sucks,” Khloe says, full a face full of tears.

Khloe Kardashian is in Confessional

Again, say what you want about Khloe, but you must also feel pretty awful for her, considering this entire ordeal.

E! has yet to announce a premiere date for Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 17.

But you can get a close look at what's on tap here.

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