Farrah Abraham: Donald Trump Rules! Democrats Drool!

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Farrah Abraham has never been one to hold back her feelings.

This is true whether the former MTV personality is discussing members of the Teen Mom cast, her thoughts on parenting... or the polarizing President of the United States.

Yes, folks, Farrah has a lot to say about Donald Trump.

She's talked about him in the past and she just did so again on social media after the Commander-in-Chief made comments following the Congresstional testimony of Robert Mueller.

What did Farrah say? How does she feel about Mr. Trump?

The answers may, or may not, surprise you. Scroll down for more...

1. Abraham Was Fired from Teen Mom for Doing Amateur Porn

Abraham Was Fired from Teen Mom for Doing Amateur Porn
Trump, however, earned his current job partly because people out there admire him for having done some porn stars. So they, kind of have something in common? And also kind of do not.

2. But, Seriously, Folks...

But, Seriously, Folks...
Farrah has always been a huge fan of President Trump. Shocking, right?

3. Remember Her Message During the 2016 Election?

Remember Her Message During the 2016 Election?
During the height of Trump's campaign against Hillary Clinton, Farrah took to Instagram to officially back the current president, writing: “#TeenMomOG @F1abraham endorses @realDonaldTrump, proclaims 'Grab life by the p–y, b–! #ShesNotWithHer."

4. Trump Then Got Elected in November of 2016

Trump Then Got Elected in November of 2016
Just in case you forgot.

5. And Farrah was Psyched

And Farrah was Psyched
In January of 2017, Abraham praised the “#HistoricMoment” of Trump’s Inauguration, writing: “Congratulations President @realDonaldTrump #TrumpTrain #YoureHired #USA #GreatAgain."

6. Even More Praise

Even More Praise
Speaking to WEtv.com in April of that same year, Farrah once again gushed over the president. “I’m so happy he’s our President!” she told the outlet. “And you know what? My businesses are booming even better so because of him. So thank you President Donald Trump."

7. Look Where I Am!

Look Where I Am!
A few months later, Farrah actually paid a visit to Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, sharing a photo of herself enjoying a drink.

8. This is Awesome!

This is Awesome!
“Cheers #maralago President Trump great club #restaurant #golfcourse #tanning,” she wrote as a caption to that image. “love my #president. #Americaisgreatagain.”

9. This Brings Us to Farrah's Latest Message

This Brings Us to Farrah's Latest Message
On July 24, former special counsel/prosecutor Bill Mueller sat before Congress and talked about the report he put together about Donald Trump's alleged obstruction of justice and/or his knowledge of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

10. What Did Mueller Say?

What Did Mueller Say?
This doesn't feel like the time or place to get into it, but President Trump at least interpreted Muller's testimony as getting him off the hook entirely for all supposed crimes and misdeeds.

11. I Win!

I Win!
"The Democrats lost so BIG today. Their Party is in shambles right now..." Tweeted Trump while talking to reports after the Congressional hearing ended.

12. And What Did Farrah Say in Response?

And What Did Farrah Say in Response?
"Go Trump! I’m so over the waste of time Democrat’s! Focus on changing the world rather then making up things ... waste of space."

13. But, Wait...

But, Wait...
... didn't Mueller acknowledge that associates of Trump had contact with Russian officials 126 during the campaign? And that Trump lied in his written responses to questions from prosecutoors? And that he welcomed foreign assistance during the election? And that Russia is almost definitely interfering in our Democracy right at this very moment and Republicans are doing nothing to stop it? Is Abraham really saying that the pursuit of the truth when it comes to these issues is a "waste?"

14. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
Not the time or place for that, we know.

15. Farrah Actually Wants to Be President

Farrah Actually Wants to Be President
In June of this year, the reality star revealed that if there were one person she could trade places with, it would be Trump himself because there are a few things on her agenda that she’d like to see become the norm.

16. What Would Be Her Platform?

What Would Be Her Platform?
“I think there's so much. I'm not educated fully on how quick I could turn things around or make things better for children and mothers or just women in general," she told reporter Whitney Ullman, adding in this interview: “So I think that would be my cause and I would kind of stay focused on those areas."

17. Moreover!

Abraham added that she wanted to make "safety more strict" and make "systems simpler."

18. Farrah Abraham in 2020?

Farrah Abraham in 2020?
“It would be enlightening and fun to be president for the day," she concluded.

19. Sorry, Farrah Abraham 2024, We Mean

Sorry, Farrah Abraham 2024, We Mean
Because it doesn't sound like she'd run against Trump, huh?

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