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If you know who Farrah Abraham is, you know she’s always been a big fan of doing anything and everything for some attention.

Bless her simple, desperate little heart.

Farrah Abraham Blonde Selfie
Photo via Instagram

The 25-year-old Teen Mom: OG star has starred in two sex tapes, she’s released her own line of sex toys, she’s "written" an erotic novel.

She’s done numerous racy photo shoots, including one with a fellow porn star. If only we could stop with her porn antics.

Farrah has put her eight-year-old daughter in bikinis and heels so that she could get a jump start on her own modeling career.

On the flip side, Abraham has left her daughter for weeks at a time to do dumb reality shows or just to screw around.

It’s a lot. Farrah’s done a lot of things (and we mean a lot of things) over the years, and literally none of them are good.

So when we saw this new video of Farrah promoting that fancy strapless bra that’s supposed to give you killer cleavage … well …

It’s actually pretty tame, now that we think about it.

Farrah Abraham for MTV
Photo via MTV

In the video, Farrah shows off the bra, jiggling her breasts around this way and that in an effort to give fans maximum titillation. 

Unfortunately, Farrah’s had, what, three boob jobs now?

So they don’t jiggle all that much, and the bra doesn’t really do anything for them, and we’ve seen her boobs many times now.

Bottom line:

You’re not going to have much sagging if you’re a 25-year-old who’s had more plastic surgery than most of the population combined.

You know? Also, when you’ve starred in hardcore sex tapes, showing off a little cleave is not going to register high in terms of shock value.

But congrats, Farrah. We’re looking at you.

Take a look for yourself in the video below: