Amber Rose: Check Out My HUGE 36H Boobs!

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Amber Rose is famous for many things:

Her modeling career, her outspoken persona, her relationships with famous rappers, her willingness to put her fingers in Kanye West's butt ...

But the reason that Amber has stuck around while so many other media figures have come and gone is that the woman has innate sense of what makes social media tick.

We're talking, of course, about boobs.

In case you somehow unaware, Amber Rose has massive boobs.

Amber Rose and Cleavage

As you can see, she's never been shy about showing her girls off, but she took her boob game to a new level with her latest piece of sponsored content.

In the video below, Amber shills for a new kind of push-up bra, and we're all better off for it:

"Redefining cleavage over here with the @sneakyvaunt pushup! Cannot believe I get all this and it's backless and strapless... If you’ve got it ... VAUNT IT!"

Now THAT is advertising.

This woman understands what makes consumers buy in a way that would make Don Draper weep.

The formula is simple:

1. Show the people a massive pair of breasts.

2. Tell them how to throw their money at you.

3. Watch the profits pile up.

Usually #ad posts are the most boring on ones on any celebrity's page, but Amber nows how to keep it exciting.

And for that, we thank her.

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