Farrah Abraham: Of COURSE I Let My Kid Watch Teen Mom OG!

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Farrah Abraham is a real piece of work.

And that's really the nicest way to put it.

If we're being honest -- and you know we are -- she's a delusional, misguided, ignorant twit who seems to care more about making plastic molds of her vagina than raising her own kid.

Her daughter, Sophia, is seven years old, and we'd be beyond surprised if Farrah ever made a solid parenting decision in that entire time

Farrah has raised Sophia to be just as entitled and self-important as she is, and it's a real shame.

Farrah Abraham and Soph

She lets Sophia wear makeup to school, she lets her have her own social media accounts.

She even lets her work as a creepy child model and a clothing boutique owner.

But, in this new video, Farrah reveals that she also lets Sophia watch Teen Mom OG.

It doesn't get any dumber than this. Hopefully.

Farrah spends most of her airtime on the show cursing at her parents, her boyfriend, and anyone else unfortunate enough to come across her.

She's mean, spiteful, and just a real terror. But hey, sure, let the kid watch. Sounds great.

See Farrah talk about her parenting decision, and the other Teen Moms open up about their lives, in the video below:

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