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Sadly, after three weeks of providing top-notch trainwreck entertainment, Farrah Abraham was kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house on Friday.

Remarkably, Farrah wasn’t removed by producers after she threatened to kill the entire cast of the show. Instead, she was simply voted off by viewers who decided they’d finally had enough of her attention-starved antics.

Farrah Abraham: Celebrity Big Brother Photo
(Lexi Jones/

(Seeing Farrah hump Jenna Jameson in a pool of chocolate pudding might have been the nail-in-the-coffin moment for many viewers.)

But if you thought Farrah was done grossing out the world, think again!

Farrah is back to selling her sex toys full-time, and just like when she tried to explain the difference between porn and "sex tapes," every word that comes out of her mouth proves that the delusion is strong with this one.

"I wanted to create the collection because I wanted to make the world a better place by helping others," Farrah said about plastic molds of her vagina and b-hole.

"It’s safe sex! Whether you are making love to yourself or adding some excitement to your relationship, my products make people very happy which in turn makes the world a better place!"

Yes, Farrah is basically the Mother Teresa of things you can stick your dong into.

Asked about the highlight of her collection, Farrah responded:

"Definitely the Farrah Abraham inflatable doll with cyberskin p-ssy and ass.  Who wouldn’t want to take me everywhere with them?

"Let’s take a sexy selfie together or make a video of our own! The best part about it is that the tight “love tunnel” holes are tight and texturized for ultimate pleasure!" 

That’s right – Farrah actually expects people to take video of themselves having sex with an inanimate object and post it on the Internet. We guess her reasoning is something along the lines of, "I don’t have any shame; why should anyone else?"