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If you thought that Farrah Abraham would settle for just a Yuletide vaginal rejuvenation treatment, you don’t know Farrah.

She’s going all-out for the holidays, which apparently means getting butt injections … and inviting fans to watch. Take a look:

Farrah Abraham Deep in Thought
Photo via Instagram

Smiling excitedly and wearing a hideous chartreuse jumpsuit, Farrah shared a new video with fans.

She looks almost giddy as she tells her fans that she’s going to be getting butt injections.

Though this is not the first time for her, this type of butt injection is apparently new.

And, to hear Farrah tell it, the results will be better and longer-lasting.

So, Farrah is receiving artificial fat injections in her butt to make it less of a pancake and more of a peach.

Now, most fat injections begin with harvesting fat from elsewhere in the body and then injecting it into the target site — the butt.

These procedures have grown more popular over the last decade as Western beauty standards have changed.

(Seriously, can you imagine telling a model or actress in 1998 that women were getting shamed for not having a fat ass?)

Normally, fat in a fat transfer requires extremely delicate treatment after being injected into one’s butt.

The tissue can easily die, which means that people who have just gotten their bottoms plumped with fat cannot sit for days or even weeks.

We don’t know what manner of artificial fat Farrah has received, but since it is artificial, perhaps it has an easy recovery.

Regardless, this type of injection includes one major perk that Farrah was very excited to share.

Apparently, the artificial fat treatment that Farrah is undergoing can last for five years.

Farrah notes that she has undergone multiple butt-enhancing procedures in the past that lasted for less than that.

She seems tickled pink by the idea that this will last for half of a decade.

But does that really mean that Farrah won’t go under the needle again on her backside until early 2025?

Farrah is almost certainly undergoing this procedure on camera in exchange for either free treatment or financial compensation.

Reality stars willing to get their procedures on camera and show off the results can make real money.

They efffectively turn their social media posts into commercials for lip fillers, butt injections, anal bleaching, and more.

Of course, it only works for people who have a sizable following. You need lots of fans and followers if you want to make the big bucks.

A lot of people might not be willing to undergo these procedures at all.

Others would happily get them, but wouldn’t want their fans to know that their curves were purchased in a doctor’s office.

And then others might be afraid to come across as desperate or gauche for sharing photos and videos of non-surgical procedures.

Farrah doesn’t seem to have the capacity to doubt herself. Normally, that might be a good thing, but not with Farrah.

Showing your ass — literally — is a fine thing to do in plenty of contexts. And there’s no shame in cosmetic boosts to your looks.

If Farrah were a nice person who didn’t go on unhinged rants, say vicious racist things at the drop of a hat, and support fellow racists, she might be okay.

But her bizarre word salad posts are not the worst things about her. She’s just not a good person, which is why people are irked by her videos.

Speaking of her videos, we’ve included her butt injections video, but be warned: it’s not for the faint of heart. If you don’t like needles, stay away.