Farrah Abraham: I Got Vaginal Rejuvenation, Just in Time for Christmas!

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Reality TV villain Farrah Abraham has undergone vaginal rejuvenation multiple times.

This week, she took followers along with her by filming her latest treatment.

We wish that we were joking when we said that Farrah is trying to make vaginal rejuvenation out to be some sort of seasonal event.

But she seems to think that that her lady business is the reason for the season.

In fact, she keeps calling it her "ho ho ho." 

These photos are not for the faint of heart. See for yourself ...

1. She's at it again

She's at it again
You're about to see a number of stills from Farrah's Instagram Stories. Please brace yourself because, well, Farrah's not getting a tooth cleaning. This procedure involves a device being inserted vaginally.

2. New Year, New ... ?

New Year, New ... ?
Farrah Abraham is promoting vaginal rejuvenation treatments and probably raking in some cash in the process.

3. She's getting one of her own ...

She's getting one of her own ...
And taking fans and followers along for the experience. Don't worry, Farrah, we ALL noticed that you're about to spill out of your top.

4. Again with the holiday stuff

Again with the holiday stuff
Holly leaves and berries may be seasonal for December and symbolic for multiple winter holidays, including Christmas. But ... if the sight of holly leaves reminds you of ANY part of your genitals, you need to see a doctor, and we do NOT mean a vaginal rejuvenation specialist.

5. Ho ho ho ...

Ho ho ho ...
"Ready, set, sexy Santa" is a line that is going to haunt our nightmares for the rest of time. It'd be more than a little creepy even if Farrah's legs weren't spread like that.

6. Here's a job that can't possibly pay enough

Here's a job that can't possibly pay enough
We see Farrah undergoing the rejuvenation treatment -- notably, not her first. Does tightening a chimney make it better for Santa?

7. This is powerfully on brand for Farrah

This is powerfully on brand for Farrah
She just recently posted a video of her wearing lingerie while "decorating" a Christmas tree.

8. Oh, Farrah

Oh, Farrah
For the record, the tree looks more soulless even than your average tree at a rundown mall. It looks like all of the decorations came pre-packaged to be as generic as possible.

9. She also didn't do any actual decorating

She also didn't do any actual decorating
Not on camera, anyway. She looked at an ornament while putting on a show. The whole thing was just a prop for her to flaunt her body for some reason.

10. Farrah showing some skin is of course not the issue

Farrah showing some skin is of course not the issue
But more than a few people were unhappy to see her using a religious holiday as her latest excuse for doing so. if you've got it, flaunt it, but do it on your own terms. Or at least wear a santa hat.

11. As for her treatment

As for her treatment
Farrah is only 28 and has undergone this procedure MULTIPLE times before. Vaginal rejuvenation can take multiple forms, but is usually performed on women closer to Real Housewives ages than to Teen Mom ages.

12. And no, no penis could make you NEED it

And no, no penis could make you NEED it
The vagina is an elastic, self-cleaning, self-lubricating organ. It can shrink back down from yeeting an entire baby through it. It can absolutely shrink back down after any human penis gets done with it.

13. In fact ...

In fact ...
The medical community does not universally accept vaginal rejuvenation treatments as being the smart thing to do. But let's be real, Farrah isn't doing this for her body, but because endorsements on Instagram can pay very well.

14. Endorsements are normal

Endorsements are normal
Farrah is photographed here with 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima, who has had a number of non-surgical procedures done on her face. She even underwent anal bleaching as a promo on Instagram. But Larissa didn't have cameras follow her during the process.

15. Farrah is always eager to "share"

Farrah is always eager to "share"
We don't begrudge people for getting creative about their income in our nightmare economy, but sometimes Farrah comes across as both desperate and shameless. From a purely pragmatic point of view, that's going to alienate potential advertisers.

16. Farrah is controversial

Farrah is controversial
Sometimes, people hate her for the wrong reasons, like over how little clothing she wears or because of her sex work. Sex work is work, and the stigma that sex workers receive is undeserved.

17. There are great reasons to dislike Farrah

There are great reasons to dislike Farrah
How about the way that she has gone on racist tirades on camera? Or how, on a related note, she's a Trump supporter. Or maybe because her short fuse appears to not only be extreme, but rooted in warped perceptions of the world around her.

18. Does she have a screw loose?

Does she have a screw loose?
Honestly, many fans worry that something is just wrong with her brain. Possibly several somethings.

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