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We’re nearly at the end of the year and viewers are making their way through the The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion.

In this clip, you can see Kelly and Shannon going after each other before Kelly drops a massive bombshell.

Rhoc Shannon Kelly 23

At the Reunion special, Andy Cohen asked Kelly Dodd if she thinks that the cast lets Tamra get away with too much.

Believe it or not, Kelly said no, explaining that she feels that way "because I mean, at least she can own it, where some people can’t."

"Who can’t own it?" Shannon vocally wondered, then accusing, "Are you alluding to me?"

Kelly straight-up admitted that she was. This is not their first conflict this season.

Shannon Beador Gets Whacked on the Head

"Wow, ’cause I take responsibility," Shannon fired back, clearly disturbed that Kelly feels this way about her.

"I would love to know what I did to hurt you, Kelly." she expressed.

Kelly defensively says that she feels attacked, that Shannon "comes at me."

"I appreciated your friendship, especially after my divorce," Shannon stated.

Gina Kirschenheiter, Tamra Judge, and Shannon Beador on the Couch

"I thought we had fun going out together," Shannon continued, "and I say all the time in any interviews I do."

"I am sad and disappointed for what happened to a friendship that I thought was blossoming," she confessed.

Shannon added that it was a friendship "that I never thought could’ve happened."

Honestly? It seems clear that Kelly’s real issue with Shannon is that she’s one of the Tres Amigas, right?

Kelly Dodd is Amused

"But I know that I’m a good friend, and I am not gonna prove to you or anybody else," Shannon affirmed.

"You don’t believe that I had your back?" she asked. "Then I’m done!"

"I feel like I’m getting attacked," Kelly fired back.

She expressed: "I feel like I’m getting pushed against the wall, all these rumors about me. I’m tired of it."

The Real Housewives of Orange County, Season 14 Reunion

Shannon quickly noted that she never "put out one rumor about her." Tamra said: "She’s motherly, though, Kelly."

"And I told you over and over again," Tamra said. "I go, ‘Shannon loves you.’ Because you would vent to me about all these things. She loves you!"

"But if you watch the season, she talks about me the whole time!" Kelly complained.

Kelly mimicked Shannon: "’She can’t talk like that, and she can’t do this!’ It’s like, you know what? Stay in your lane! I’m not asking for your…"

Kelly Dodd Speaks at the Season 14 Reunion

"That’s the kind of friend I am," Shannon pointed out, but Kelly insisted:"That’s not a friend."

"If you don’t want friends that try and make you a better person…" an increasingly annoyed Shannon retorted.

"You admit to everybody else that you fly off the handle," she argued, "but if I point it out to you, I’m an ass–le."

That’s a pretty fair point.

Kelly Dodd and Emily Simpson at the Reunion

"I’m already a good person! I don’t need it! I’m good! I’m good," Kelly declares.

Kelly being Kelly, she couldn’t leave it at that. She had ot dig up something else.

She claimed of Shannon: "And then her friend told me that she got a private investigator to come at me."

"Wait, what?!"  Shannon exclaimed, whipping her head around in horror.

"She told me that… On my first season," Kelly alleged.

Shannon retorted that Kelly’s claim was "insane" and that she would never do that because she doesn’t have "time for that s–t."

Honestly? Hiring a PI to look into your new castmates may not be the worst idea.

But it’s not exactly a solid foundation for a friendship.