Dream Kardashian in a Pumpkin Patch: Too Cute for Words!

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Blac Chyna shared video of precious baby Dream being excited and holding a small pumpkin. And just today, Rob Kardashian is tweeting the cutest photos of Dream visiting a pumpkin patch.

It looks like this adorable baby is ready for her first Halloween, and both of her co-parents are making sure that she's feeling the hype.

And we all get to witness the cuteness overload. Check out the photos and the video, below!

Dream Kardashian is the Cutest!

Whoever her parents might be and whatever they might have done, Dream Kardashian is innocent, blameless, and adorable.

In just under a month, this little sweetheart have her very first birthday -- on November 10th.

Which means that, yes, this October 31st will be her first-ever Halloween.

Blac Chyna shared a precious Snapchat video of Dream Kardashian, unable to contain her excitement (or her giggling) as she played with a pumpkin and wiggled her precious little baby toes.

We don't know if Rob already had this planned or was inspired by the video, because this afternoon, he's shared photos of Dream having a different pumpkin-related adventure.

Dream Kardashian in a Pumpkin Patch

Rob Kardashians hared this photo on Twitter, because, for obvious reasons, Rob Kardashian no longer has an Instagram.

Twitter has few standards -- well, unless Rose McGowan is tweeting, apparently -- so Rob is still free to use that platform.

And it's a good thing, too, because that means that we're all treated to these precious pictures of Dream.

She. Looks. So. Cute!

Of course, from her baby perspective, this isn't the time of year -- this is just how things are now. Life is full of orange gourds and maybe that's how things will be forever.

But just because she's a baby with the accompanying levels of inexperience with the world and a very likely not-yet-developed sense of what holidays and seasons are doesn't mean that she can't have fun.

And who says that she has to have fun alone?

Dream Kardashian and Reign Disick, Haunted Portrait

Look at Dream, playing as if she's in a haunted painting.

And who's that beside her? Reign Disick!

It's so sweet to see these cute cousins playing side-by-side.

Reign will turn 3 on December 14th, so there's actually a pretty decent chance that he could remember parts of today's playdate, even as an adult.

As for Dream, it's good that she enjoys playing with her cousins, because she's about to get a whole lot more.

Kylie Jenner is pregnant. Kim Kardashian's third child is one the way via surrogate. And Khloe Kardashian is finally pregnant, too.

That means that Dream will get three new, younger cousins in 2018, all thanks to her aunts. But those new bundles of joy will come after Dream's first birthday.

And speaking of Dream's firsts, look what else Rob shared on Twitter:

Dream Kardashian, First Zoo Trip

We know that Rob Kardashian is kinda broke right now, but he's rich people broke, so he can still do things like take his baby daughter to the zoo.

For her first-ever zoo trip, in fact!

(Poor people broke would be, like, choosing which bill to pay. Possibly eating Tums as a "snack." Life can get rough for non-Kardashians)

Dream looks so happy, and part of that is definitely just being around family, but part of that has to be having all of these new experiences.

Babies love to learn about the world. It's what they do.

Not all babies look quite so cute while they're doing it as Dream does, though.

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