Rob Kardashian: Too Broke to Pay Blac Chyna?!

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There's no question that the Kardashians are an extremely wealthy family. But ... not all Kardashians are created equal.

Remember how Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna settled their custody agreement ... which involved Rob paying $20,000 a month?

There are serious questions as to whether Rob Kardashian can actually afford that.

Rob Kardashian, Blue Hat

We know what you must be thinking:

"But why would the court assign Rob a child-support payment that he can't meet?"

Well ... maybe they wouldn't.

As we understand it, the $20,000 figure was reached through an agreement between Rob and Chyna's legal teams.

This worked to Chyna's advantage as it would allow the payments to be larger than anything that a judge would likely assign.

(We know that Chyna's said that a lot of this money will go to nannies, but ... dang, that's a lot of money, especially on top of Chyna's millions)

This worked to Rob's advantage, because as part of the agreement, Blac Chyna dropped her domestic violence complaint against Rob.

It's not at all unusual to see a wealthy man make domestic violence accusations go away using a cash payment. We're not going to judge Chyna for that.

The result was the payments, the dropped accusation, and Rob agreed to pay Chyna's legal fees.

And, of course, they both got joint custody of baby Dream.

She's what's most important in all of this ... right?

Dream Kardashian is the Cutest!

Blac Chyna is also seeking a $10 million settlement in exchange for dropping her revenge porn charges against him.

This is more transparently beyond his reach, as Rob is literally not worth $10 million.

(That's not a judgment on him or whatever -- we're not pricing human beings, here. We're talking about his bank accounts, folks)

Estimates of Rob's net worth vary, but he's been ranked anywhere from "only" $2 million to nearly $4 million.

In both cases, he's not really the kind of person who can shell out $240,000 per year for the next 17 years unless he stops spending any money, ever.

And certainly not the kind of guy who can just toss out $10 million to make a revenge porn suit go away.

But Rob apparently has a support system in place.


BET reports that Rob Kardashian won't be able to keep up with these payments on his own.

Reportedly, it's been Rob's sisters who've been "fronting him the cast." And he seems to be totally reliant upon family.

A lot of people might not be willing to help a sibling who did something as despicable as posting revenge porn, but ... the Kardashians are nothing if not obsessed with family.

Kim Kardashian has a 9-digit net worth, and even Kendall, who has the lowest net worth of Kris' daughters, made more than twice the potential $10 million payment in 2016 alone.

(Kendall reportedly made $26 million last year through modeling and endorsements and, of course, reality television)

Rob won't be able to personally touch his share of the Kardashian family trust until he's 35. We wonder if he'll have grown wiser by then, but ... we won't hold our breath.

We strongly suspect that Kris Jenner, who is reportedly in charge of Rob's current financial decisions (according to reports, he literally has to call her to ask if he can agree to court settlements; he is a 30-year-old man), is also helping out her son.

Remember when Khloe accused Kris of being the world's biggest liar? That was about Rob's house, which Kris seemed to want people to believe that Rob had bought himself, but that Khloe clearly believed that Kris had bought for him.

Is his mom coming to the rescue again? Is she doing this for Rob, or to make sure that she'll maintain access to her granddaughter?

Rob Kardashian, Sadness Snap

Bossip reports that Rob "could potentially petition to have the amount lowered," but does he really want to get back into a fight with Blac Chyna?

You don't work that hard to close a can of worms only to reopen it.

And, sadly, some parts of this conversation might be moot.

Rob Kardashian's alarming diet could kill him before he makes more than a few dozen of those child-support payments.

Look, if someone else were allegedly binge-eating ice cream after a bad breakup (even months and months and months after one), we'd shrug it off. Even if that person were overweight.

He might set himself up for a heart attack in a couple of decades, but ice cream isn't an immediate threat ... most of the time.

But Rob Kardashian has Type 2 diabetes. He absolutely cannot indiscriminately eat sugary desserts without putting himself at real risk.

If the reports about his current emotional eating are true ... the Kardashian family, and baby Dream, could be faced with a tragedy sooner than anyone would care to imagine.

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