Kate McKinnon Does Pennywise in HILARIOUS Saturday Night Live Clip: Watch!

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Saturday Night Live gave us such an incredible gift last night.

Well, honestly every single episode of Saturday Night Live is a gift, as long as Kate McKinnon is in the cast. Because seriously, how perfect is that woman?

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From her incredible Hillary Clinton impersonation to her turn as Kellyanne Conway, literally everything she does is just magic.

But this skit she starred in last night?

It's beyond wonderful.

The skit begins with Alex Moffat as Anderson Cooper at CNN headquarters, and he discusses the possibility of having Kellyanne Conway on his show.

"Are we that desperate?" he asks before he heads out for the night -- famous last words.

As he leaves the building, he pulls on a yellow raincoat and grabs a newspaper, and if you feel like this is turning into the opening scene from It, you're right.

But instead of seeing Pennywise in the sewer, Anderson meets Kellywise ... Kellyanne in clown makeup.


It sounds a little ridiculous, sure, but Kate McKinnon manages to pull it off.

In It, we saw Pennywise the Clown peek out from the sewer at little Georgie, asking him repeatedly if he wants his paper boat back.

But here, Kellywise asks Anderson if he wants a quote, because the poor girl just wants to be on TV again.

Finally, Anderson is lured in by Kellywise pretending to be Hillary Clinton, and (spoiler alert!) she grows those crazy clown teeth and bites off his arm, just like in the movie.

And if you wanted to see Kate do another iconic scene from It, perhaps, say, that darling little Pennywise dance?

Let's just say you won't be disappointed.

Check out the full, amazing clip below:

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