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The next episode of this season of Darcey & Stacey is going to be a painful one — for Darcey, at least.

After being put on an emotional roller coaster for years by her exes, she’s having trouble trusting Georgi.

That’s especially understandable after hearing some very alarming things from Georgi’s ex-wife.

In this sneak peek clip, Darcey tells Georgi that she can’t ahve him around her right now because he’s not being honest.

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Dating after a series of failed relationships is a challenge.

For Darcey and Georgi, there’s reality TV baggage, a 14-year age gap.

There’s also Georgi’s ex-wife, Octavia, who says that she’s not as much of an "ex" as he led Darcey to believe.

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According to Octavia, in the previous episode, she and Georgi are still legally married.

You don’t need a finalized divorce to date, but your new partner should be up to speed on your divorce progress.

Octavia also claimed to Darcey that she saw Georgi on some sort of sugar mamma website.

Darcey Silva Considers What She Really Wants

Darcey seems to believe Octavia, at least in part.

Clearly, she wants to give Georgi the benefit of the doubt, for his sake and for hers.

But she cannot fight these gnawing concerns 

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"I’m just walking away because I want openness, I want honesty," Darcey says.

"Sometimes I feel like, you know, sometimes your demeanor is very closed off," she tells Georgi.

Darcey is referring here to a lack of affection and transparency.

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"That’s not a very healthy relationship," Darcey worries.

"You meet my friends," Georgi counters. "You meet my ex."

"I’m always open," he insists.

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"I do it for clarity," Darcey replies, saying that she doesn’t "want roundabout answers."

"I’m not chasing a man," she tells him.

This is when the crying begins as Darcey breaks down but continues to speak through her tears.

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"I want my fiance to come to me," Darcey expresses.

"I want to feel love, I want to feel embraced," she tells him.

Darcey adds: "I want to feel all the feelings that you get to feel from me."

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To his credit, Georgi does attempt to comfort her … up to a point.

But he also warns her that her insecurities, understandable or not, may drive him away.

Darcey feels like Georgi blames her, trying to prompt her to feel guilt for their issues, and she tells this to the camera.

Darcey Silva Feels Conflicted

"I keep giving so much, why should I have to feel that way?" Darcey asks, wiping away tears.

Ultimately, she does reach a decision that could tilt the future of their relationship.

"I love you … but I feel like I need to honor who I am as a woman," she tells Georgi.

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"And," Darcey continues, "I don’t feel like at times I’m feeling your commitment, openly or honestly and emotionally."

"Until I do feel those things from you," she warns her hunky fiance, "I don’t want you to come back to Connecticut."

We don’t know what happens next, of course, but we’ll find out all that and more on Monday when the episode airs.