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Darcey & Stacey viewers remember Florian Sukaj cheating on Stacey Silva.

Despite outcry from the 90 Day Fiance fandom (and from her own twin), Stacey is still married to Florian.

In fact, she says that that "incident" brought them closer together.

What’s more is that she’s promising viewers that, after Season 2, they’ll love him, too.

"I’m a mother of two amazing teenage sons," Stacey reminded fans in an interview with Us Weekly.

Truth be told, many were blown away by how strikingly different Darcey and Stacey look in this video that we have included.

They look different — but you have to admit it, they look younger.

"Florian’s a great stepdad," Stacey praised.

She noted that her sons do not appear on the series, as "they’re more private, and I respect that."

"They’re behind the scenes, they’re great," she promised viewers. "Florian’s a stepdad."

"Something that we always wanted was to be able to have a child of our own," Stacey acknowledged.

However, the 46-year-old twin acknowledged that her age could be "a factor" preventing that.

Promising viewers that they’ll see Florian’s perspective, she added: "You’ll definitely see a different side of Florian."

IVF seems like the most viable approach to the two of them having a child together.

However, Florian’s conservative Catholic background seemingly makes him opposed to this.

According to Stacey, he would prefer that a "miracle" or "the power of God" cause them to become pregnant.

As for Florian’s "indiscretions in the past," Stacey feels that they’ve "moved on."

"I think it made us stronger," she opined.

"That past is, like … doesn’t exist in our minds," Stacey expressed.

"It was unfortunate it had to go that far," Stacey understated.

"But you know, we’re stronger," she added.

"We bonded," Stacey said of herself and, it sounds like, her extended family’s new bond with Florian.

“really, really stepped up," Stacey emphasized.

"And," she claimed, "you guys are going to love Florian this season."

“That’s the Florian I fell in love with," Stacey gushed. "Now everybody’s going to love him.”

Darcey & Stacey returns very soon for its second season.

The Season 2 premiere will be on Monday, July 19 on TLC.

The episode will then stream the next day on Discovery Plus, setting the pattern for how future episodes will be released.

In the past, Stacey was open about how much she felt hurt by Florian’s betrayal.

It wasn’t just that there were rumors of him hooking up with an ex.

She saw video of him kissing another woman. The whole world saw the video, in fact.

Florian confessed to Stacey and apologized, insisting that he didn’t "feel any passion" for the other woman.

He reiterated his love for her in the Season 1 episode, which aired last October.

Despite a lot of anger, they clearly worked things out.

Darcey was also outspoken on behalf of her sister, wading into Florian’s cheating mess.

However, it appears that she has either forgiven Florian for cheating on her twin, or is just playing nice because that’s what Stacey wants.

It will be interesting to see what unfolds on Season 2.