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In less than two weeks, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3 will premiere.

In addition to some exciting new couples, some fan-favorites are returning — including Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh.

Fans were shocked when the trailer showed Jenny’s dramatic meltdown over Sumit continuing to obey his parents.

Together, in a new interview, they offer some details about their season, and are shedding light on that very ugly moment.

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Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh spoke to Us Weekly in this new interview clip.

There, Sumit confirmed that his disapproving parents are not onboard with his relationship.

“You can say that [they still disapprove],” he acknowledged.

“The last thing, which you saw, [was] a big fight," Sumit noted.

"And now," he added, "my mom decided just to move into the house.”

Previews for this season have not shown it, but written promos added that Sahna would move in to show Jenny how to be a "proper Indian wife."

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Sahna and Anil continue to have a deathgrip on their son’s emotional well-being, insisting that he never marry Jenny due to her age.

Unfortunately, he’s too attached to them to marry Jenny without thier blessing.

“We are trying to fix this up,” Sumit explained of the whole mess.

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“My brother is doing good as he also got married, almost a year [ago],” Sumit detailed.

He shared that his brother is “more responsible than before” and that they are in regular contact.

But his brother sides with his parents on this matter, and will seemingly do so no matter how the wind blows.

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“Parents is the main thing between – ugh, they need to accept it," Sumit emphasized.

"They need to accept our relationship,” he reiterated.

Sumit added: “If the parents are not agreeing with our relationship, then he can’t support us.”

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Sumit doesn’t just want them to "allow" him (a 33-year-old) to marry Jenny. He wants them to be part of it.

“I would love that. Yeah, definitely, for sure, no doubt,” Sumit said to the idea of his parents actually attending the wedding.

He added: “I keep trying, I’m still trying.”

Jenny chimed in: “Keep praying.”

Naturally, Jenny’s outburst from the trailer, where she yells and throws a chair (not at Sumit, of course), came up.

“That’s never happened again," Jenny assured fans.

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"I’m not that angry [typically],” Jenny continued.

“That was just out of frustration," she explained. "That was just sheer frustration."

Jenny added: "I just was frustrated to the point of no return, and that’s what you saw.”

The two hope that, five years from now, they’ll be at their home in India like they are now — but happily married.

“That’s the plan. We are trying to get married since 2013,” Sumit expressed.

“’Til now we haven’t married yet," he lamented, "but still, you can say the plan is the same.”

There seem to be two ways that Jenny and Sumit can get their happily ever after.

Either Sumit’s parents finally agree to bless their union, or Sumit finally works up the courage to stop caring what they think.

The alternative is that Jenny and Sumit will no longer be able to be together. After so long, that would be heartbreaking for them both.