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Sure, Courtney Stodden made a sex tape, and she’s built a career around posing naked and talking about her various bedroom shenanigans, but there’s a big difference between her life and the lives of struggling sex workers who are forced to sell their bodies to survive.

So it’s admirable that Courtney took some time to bring attention to the plight of impoverished prostitutes by creating a character known as Tamra Munn and improvising (we assume) a mockumentary-style interview in the scene above.

Unfortunately, Courtney may have bitten off more than she can chew for her first foray into drama.

To be clear: she’s not bad, but in Courtney’s eyes, she’s an A-list star who has yet to break through, and to the rest of the world she’s about on par with what you’d find in a Des Moines community theater production.

We applaud Courtney’s various humanitarian efforts (She even donated her sex tape profits to charity.), but we don’t think she’ll be needing to clear space on her mantle for an Oscar any time soon.

But hey, she’s young. She has plenty of time to improve, and fortunately, she’s married to he acting coach. – Tamra Clip from Courtney Stodden on Vimeo.