The Game: How Many Kardashians Did He Bang?

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Yesterday, rapper The Game admitted to killing a man during a live radio interview. (He later clarified that he was joking, and we won't question him, because we enjoy being alive.)

Just hours later The Game appeared on Wendy Williams where he faced slightly less scandalous but almost equally intriguing questions about just how many Kardashians he's banged over the years.

You see, back in 2013, it was rumored that The Game was hooking up with Khloe. Just last year, there were reports that The Game had sex with Kim (before she was married to Kanye).

He's admitted to banging Kim, but claims that he and Khloe are just friends (despite many reports to the contrary).

Wendy Williams has all the tact of a Rottweiler, so she asked him point blank which Kards he's banged.

Watch as a man who talking about murdering someone earlier that day shows more class than Wendy Williams by artfully dodging the question.

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