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Over the weekend, Courtney Stodden turned 21, and as is customary, she celebrated by getting completely sh-tfaced.

She was followed by some paparazzi, but for the most part, she looked like any other young woman out having a good time with her elderly husband.

But there was a note of sadness to C-Stod’s milestone birthday.

Courtney’s mom and former manager, Krista Stodden, dumped her as a client back in April due to “creative differences” (Read: She wasn’t down with Courtney’s sex tape.)

They haven’t spoken since, and apparently, Krista has done a 180 on her decision to allow Courtney to marry Doug when she was only 16, and he was (ugh) 51.

“Courtney is turning 21 and this will be the first time in my life that I have not been with my daughter on her birthday,” Krista said during a recent interview with Radar Online.

“Things are still very icy between us and I have not talked to her since she and I went our separate ways,” Krista said during a recent.”

She went on to blame their fractured relationship on Courtney’s marriage:

“I believe there are external influences without any names being said,” Krista said. “I do not believe mothers and daughters should be separated.

“I encourage husbands to not divide but encourage a healthy relationship between mother and daughter. And it is not unusual for mothers and daughters to occasionally have their disagreements. Maybe he just doesn’t know any better.”

Meh. Maybe if she played the “blame the creepy older husband card” earlier, we’d be more likely to buy it but bizarrely, Court and Doug have been married for five years.

Now, if Krista wants to blame herself for allowing her teenage daughter to become someone’s third wife, that might be a more acceptable gripe.