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The weird thing about Chelsea Houska is that while she’s easily the best Teen Mom in the entire Teen Mom franchise, she had a child with Adam Lind.

Who is definitely in the running for worst Teen Dad.

It’s hard to imagine what she ever saw in him — it certainly wasn’t intelligence or kindness or a good sense of humor or … you get the picture.

C. Houska

But whatever poor, misguided Chelsea found attractive in Adam at one point in her life, it’s safe to say that it’s dead and gone.

For the past several years, she’s been aware of his true terribleness (which her dad always saw) and has made no secret of it.

And in this deleted scene from next week’s all-new episode of Teen Mom 2, she’s really not hiding her feelings about it.

While driving around town with an MTV producer, Chelsea reveals that while Adam did visit their daughter Aubree recently, before that he hadn’t seen her or even talked to her for awhile.

How long? Try "a month, at least."

All of his social media bragging about his kids is "all for show," she says, and when she’s asked why she doesn’t try to talk to Adam about his issues?

"He’s a sociopath, he doesn’t think he does anything wrong, so you can’t argue with him," Houska responds.

And then, when she’s asked why her husband Cole DeBoer doesn’t talk about Adam on camera, Houska again showcases her maturity.

Chelsea says that she feels like talking about Adam on the show with him would be "so disrespectful" because "that’s a private conversation."

Isn’t she the greatest? On Teen Mom 2 and in life?

Watch our girl in action in the video below: