Jessa Duggar: See Her New Baby's Video Debut!!!

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Say what you will about the Duggars, but they sure do make some sweet babies.

And we know that because Jessa Duggar just gave birth to her second baby, a precious little boy, two days ago, and we've already got an official video of the little guy from TLC!

How do these people have time for things like this? Jessa has a one-year-old and a newborn, how is she functioning this well?

How is she at home and looking this good so soon after having this baby?

We don't have the answers to all these questions, and honestly, we don't need them.

Not when we've got that adorable little baby to look at!

Jessa Duggar: Baby #2 Photo

But we're not the only ones tearing up over how darling all of this is -- obviously, right? How weird would that be?

In Baby Seewald #2's intro video here, Jessa says that "When the baby was finally born and we got to hold him for the first time, I started crying. And I think Ben had tears in his eyes."

She says that she's excited to have two little boys so close in age so they can "be best friends" and enjoy playing together.

As for the new kid's name, they still haven't decided on one yet.

Ben says that he's "probably going to have a unique name, sort of like Spurgeon's," but there's nothing official yet.

Check out all the info -- and that baby! -- in the seriously cute video below:

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