Adam Lind Totally Sucks at Fatherhood. This is Why.

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Adam Lind just can't seem to be a good father to his children. 

The Teen Mom 2 star has done a string of questionable things and is probably up there as one of the worst fathers on television. 

Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur are due a lot of money from Lind for unpaid child support. 

Adam Lind on Steroids

The situation is getting so volatile that the deadbeat dad now has warrants out for his arrest. 

Yes, you can get in a lot of trouble for not paying child support. 

It was pretty obvious Lind was not going to be winning any father of the year awards, but we didn't think things could ger much worse for him. 

The dude loves to blame everyone else for all his wrongs. 

Just look at this video of him saying he's over Teen Mom 2 and is done with it:

He's immature and he really needs to grow the hell up. 

Now, we're hearing he didn't even throw a party for Aubree's 7th birthday

What the heck?

Instead, he cobbled together a half baked effort and tried to imply it was a great idea. 

"He didn't have anything planned for Aubree's birthday," a source close to the family told Radar.

"No cake, no one invited over like family, nephews or friends."

Basically, he took her to Toys R Us and let her pick some gifts for herself and took to Instagram to boast about it. 

Yes, we ain't lying. He really did.  

And to add insult to the injury, he sent he didn't even pick the presents she got to open later that day. 

It's horrible. 

Adam Lind Showers Daughter With Gifts

"For Aubs bday, I took her to toys r us and told her to pick anything she wanted," he captioned a photo of the 7-year-old with her gifts.

"And as she was searching I had Stasia sneak off in the store and buy some smaller gifts so she could still rip into some presents."

If you were interested, Aubree's mother, Chelsea, through her a superhero themed party that looked so damn great. 

Houska's fiancé, Cole DeBoer was happy to rise to the occasion and got dressed up to give the 7-year-old a great birthday. 

Maybe Adam should take parenting tips from him. 

Cole DeBoer and Aubree As Superheroes

Aubree is not the only one of Adam's kids that he didn't give a birthday party. 

"He had Paislee for a few hours on her birthday, but he shopped ahead of time for her," the source said of her 3rd birthday.

"But no cake, just lots of pictures for the Instagram show."

There's even word that he promised his daughters he would take them to the trampoline park, but broke the promise. 

"Chelsea, Cole & Aubree went to Taylor's party she had for Paislee on Labor Day," the source said.

Chelsea Houska Cole DeBoer Wedding Pic

"And Taylor, her boyfriend & Paislee went to Chelsea's party she had for Aubree on Saturday."

"The girls obviously don't need Adam and his family to have a relationship."

It's great the two moms can get along. Right?!

Will Adam Lind take ownership and cough up the money and actually be a god father to his kids?

What do you think of all this?

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